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  DataWog  |  29

I once petsat for a dog that was not house trained at ALL. I spent six hours outside with him, and he STILL shat all over the floor. Some people just don't properly train their pets.

By  zuckerburg  |  21

You have no spatial awareness do you? Do you also get startled/surprised by someone standing right next to you that you didn't notice for a second and then turn around to walk towards them?

By  DataWog  |  29

Last time I petsat, I actually felt a little bad because I was getting $40 just for checking on the neighbours pets every 3-4 hours and letting them out for a few minutes. That feeling evaporated on my first check-in, where I was met with dog diarrhea all over the living room carpet. And again at my evening check-in, with cat puke all over the kitchen.

The next day I brought a book over and made SURE he had PLENTY of time to use the bathroom. I spent 6 hours outside with him, and the little shit STILL shat all over the floor. I gave up at that point. But damn if I didn't earn that $40. The next time my mom looked after him, she just decided 'fuck it' and blocked off all entrances to carpeted areas. If he's gonna shit on the floor, he can shit on the linoleum.