By Lightlysalted
Today, I was invited to a special meal for receiving a scholarship from my college. My mom refuses to take me because “your sister’s going there too and didn’t get a scholarship; it wouldn’t be fair to her.” I guess fairness doesn’t apply to me. FML
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  manofmerr  |  27

Valid a point though that is, you don't know where the dinner is, nor the contents of his wallet. A paid ride may not be an option. Although if the sister is going, and is getting a ride from the (despicable in my opinion) mother, he could just grow roots in the car. Either she takes them both, or neither goes. It's a tad childish, but since the dinner is for him anyway, i think it works out.

By  ohsnapword  |  21

Tell your mother that the college is giving your sister a participation trophy at the dinner as well.