By holyshitbatman - 09/11/2012 04:53 - United States - Toledo

Today, I started dating a seemingly normal guy. Not even four hours into our relationship, he began telling me that he can see spirits, dead people, and that I have a large black dog following me everywhere I go. FML
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theycallmejadeee 8

I'd be more worried about the "black dog" following you.


Well, I think you're dating the kid from the sixth sense.

Trisha_aus 15

Haley Joel Osment is not the only one who sees dead people.

theycallmejadeee 8

I'd be more worried about the "black dog" following you.

I wouldn't. They're protection spirits. People used to think the first being buried in a churchyard would have to guard the place forever, so to spare a human that fate and let them go to heaven, they would bury a dog.

He shouldn't speak about her next door neighbour like that.

It seems you don't know about hell hounds or devil dogs

invisibleman8472 17

That's bad, it means it's a hell hound

theycallmejadeee 8

That would still kinda freak me out if I had a spirit following me. I believe in protection spirits and guardian angels but I'd rather not know a large black dog was following me around...

mowmowlife 21

Hey, maybe it'll turn into your god father and give you stuff.

I'm pretty sure a hell hound or devil dog would've attacked OP by now, but considering OP is still alive to tell the tale, I think it's just a case of the loonies or a protection spirit.

klrindal 2

You guys are morons if there was really ghosts and spirits they would be everywhere so many people and animals have died in the past why are only a few of them ghosts and spirits? Idk how people believe this stuff.

Omg I agree! Why do people think the black dog is a good thing? Black dog apparitions represent the devil!

Because when some entities die they go to heaven and some don't you dipshit

hayyad 7

Black dogs are not protection spirits, black dogs are a bad sign actually.

Naww, isn't that sweet, you have your own spirit dog :) I kind of envy you there.

It is sweet, indeed. What if the guy isn't actually that crazy and really can see apparitions? Hell, there's a ton of shows on tv, daily, about people who track down apparitions, all over the world. I'm just saying, the guy doesn't sound crazy unless he said this after taking some sort of illegal drug possibly mixed with alcohol.

I meant that it was sweet that the guy spoke up about what he saw and told his now ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, aka the OP. No one can force the OP the believe in these apparitions.

You need to look up the meaning of the black dog. If I remember correctly its supposed to have a meaning about death. I think he's messing with your head.

ArielTheMermaid 17

I wish Sirius Black would follow me around.....

crw1017 6

If I'm not mistaken, wouldn't this be a hellhound? Supposedly, if it shows itself to you so many times, you'll die. Though if its following someone around, then it's just protecting them.

Lightcrusade 9

So is shrooms. But after 4 hours I'm sure it won't be a hard break up...

So much for the 'seemingly normal guy'.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

That's the point of this FML...

20- I find your critic on his comment unnecessary.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

25 - I find your critic, on finding my critic on his comment, on my comment unnecessary.

35- I do believe that the "xibit/yo dawg" meme applies to that comment.

Isn't a big black dog like the symbol of depression or something.....

R4inb0wBrit3 13

Uh...not to be morbid here, but a black dog symbolizes death.

You're speaking the truth, which doesn't make you sounding morbid. But I wanted to state a similar comment that it usually symbolizes death. You just had more courage to do so than I.

Yes, depression is also referred to as a black dog... There's actually a book titled 'My Black Dog' or something, it helps explain depression a little.

No, it symbolizes a dark colored canine...

'it looks kinda like a cross, which stands for suffering, and that could be a sun, so you're going to suffer, but you're happy about it!'

Almost as grim as a man locked away in a prison for a false sentence.

Interesting. What if John Coffey (The Green Mile) was also an animagus? He turns into Mr. Jingles!

leadwithlove 1

Haha! Am I the only one that got that?

drewkaimana 0

Omen really OP, zomb(ie)-people are so strange! This guy really demon-strates how suspicious they can be :L

I got a bf with the 6th sense. I love him for who he is. If you can't except him for who he is, then, leave him. Jeez.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I don't think you understand. It creeps out the OP. She doesn't have to even accept him, its only been four hours. Jeez.

Same. :) Still not sure what I personally believe about it all but his stories pretty convincing...some stuff you can't make up. And it's interesting how people around the world and throughout history have seen the same things with no connection. Maybe it's just how the human brain works, maybe something more. I imagine our comments will get thumbed down to hell either way though...people who haven't personally experienced this kind of stuff are not very tolerant...I don't particularly blame them though, I would have laughed a few years back too.

10- it's 'accept', unless you truly mean 'except', in which your sentence makes no sense/sounds hypocritical.

4 - I don't think you understand. She's saying that if you can't deal with it then don't go out with him but then using her personal example to illustrate that OP may not want to immediately assume that he's crazy and start being creeped out because, in her opinion, some people have that kind of ability and it doesn't stop them being good boyfriends. Jeez.

AwkwardHaole808 16

Stick with him. Soon he will have his own TV show and be making some serious dough.