By Kallian - 09/11/2012 06:47 - Australia

Today, my friend showed me a video of me in a nightclub. I was holding two Skittles vodka shots and shouting, "Red and green, merry Kwanzaa!" The shots were yellow and purple. I can't remember that night at all. FML
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Kallian_fml tells us more.

18- It WAS a shit faced awesome night. 12- Yeah, I kinda was tripping.

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Just be glad your friends have this video for you to remember something from that night! Also, taste the rainbow!



Just be glad your friends have this video for you to remember something from that night! Also, taste the rainbow!

Red-Green colour blind?

When someone is red-green colorblind, they see both the red and the green as the exact same color, so I don't think that was it.

Or he had a awesome night with tripping involved.

I'm with 12 here, seemed like she/he had shit faced awesome time

18- It WAS a shit faced awesome night. 12- Yeah, I kinda was tripping.

If you don't remember anything than it was a good night

I read ops profile, she is a preschool teacher??? Wtf ? I just hope she didn't have work the next day.

taste the rainbow. eat crayons.

62- Preschool teachers can't have lives outside work? Of course I didn't have work the next day!

Yeah I understand drinking but tripping? I don't think it's ok for a preschool teacher to be tripping balls either.

74- Alcohol, loud music and nightclub lights can make me feel like I'm tripping. I never said I was on drugs or anything, I'm a law abiding citizen.

I was thinking the same thing! And then it says "Hoping the next generation doesn't turn out dumb like the last".... Correct me if I'm wrong, but did she just call her own generation dumb ? 0.o

50 At least you had fun! ;)

If you were law abiding you wouldn't have been over the legal limit, therefore you wouldn't have been shit faced.

op never said that they drove home and a legle limit only applise to driving. It is ok to get shit faced, as long as you don't drive.


Holy crap an OP responds to comments! What is this witchcraft?

88- Over the legal limit? I wasn't aware there was one when someone takes the bus home.

85- You're not wrong. Most people I know who are my age are the dumbest people I know. That's why I choose to be friends with older (hopefully more mature) people.

How do you know it was awesome if you can't remember it? What's the point in fun that you won't remember later?

I want to try Skittle shots....

It may be time for you to get to know Bill W The AA guy...

As a general rule, you shouldn't have to explain your jokes.

I don't see how this is an FML...


What does it mean? So bright so vivid.

Why are your comments always so bad?

personal opinion 32!

No fuck you 32! His comments make me laugh half of the time. Other times, they're just meh. Still, fuck you. Have a nice day :D

dhooks: Actually, Pleonasm's comments are, for the most part, witty and entertaining. I'm willing to say that he'll be a popular regular very soon. I already look forward to reading his comments. You, on the other hand...who are you again?

Oh well, I can't please everyone I guess. I just say what's on my mind once I read the FML, I never made any claims like "I'm funny, you'll love me!" or "If you're not completely satisfied with my joke, you are entitled to 5 dollars," so it doesn't really matter what you think, or not, about my comments.

47. Can I be entitled to 5 dollars?

Yes, but when we deduct the 5 dollars for damages done to my ego, the net result is 0. So sorry!

It's starting to look like a TRIPLE RAINBOOWW

Well as long as you got no bad phone calls or complaints then your good, consider yourself lucky;) (compared to what happens to some people when they get that drunk)

I've never received a phone call giving me feedback on my nights out.

26, you apparently aren't a crazy drunk

I've been banned from a few clubs and I have no idea why...

26 Hence why I said "some people"

next time you are in London let me know! a night out on the town with you would be the best!!!

I wasn't questioning the validity of your comment, I was just feeling left out of the fun!

Yeah, compared to some people who get completely annihilated and end up killing someone. Be lucky you were in a good environment and nothing bad happened.... I have a friend who got smashed at a local bar...took some acid before he left-- some people at the bar had started trouble with him and his friends and next thing you know, people are fighting... someone got stabbed and one ends up dead at the hands of my friend. He can't remember a thing... Currently doing 2 life terms. Makes you think what really could happen when you "black out" from drugs. I'd say you got lucky this time.

Laugh off the embarrassment and secretly plot their demise!

7, It's not their fault OP was drunk and funny to film. I'd be more worried about trying to delete the video.

Sounds like fun! Taste the rainbow!

Were you expecting anything but YDI here? Moderation is a great thing. You should learn about it.

Lol your 16...enough said

agonydrum: Lol, you're an ignorant fuckwad that seems think age impairs judgment. You're a perfect example that age has nothing to do with intelligence. *You're

23's comment doesn't even make sense here. 9 is clearly a responsible 16 year old if he knows to drink in moderation.

^ Thank you. It would have been much better if I would have been like... "Fuck yeah bro just throwin down shots all not long, gettin so fucking wasted they gotta take you out on a stretcher is the way to go!"

Hell yea this kid has so much swag, yolo dude real talk nam sayin

How festive of you :)

We should party together anytime.