By lessinterestingthanadog - 08/11/2009 05:28 - United States

Today, I invited the guy I've been seeing to my home for the first time. He spent over an hour talking to my twelve-year-old dog. Occasionally he would look up to ask me a question, but when I answered he would just continue talking to the dog. FML
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jchansfan 0

At least he didn't spend that hour barking at your dog.

Oh yes, FYL because you're boring.


well, he might have come just to pull the dog...:P

Sun_Kissed18 25

You're not fooling anyone, sorry.

There is no need to fool anyone.... the fact is.. this comment is..... FORTH!!!

Dead wrong, your comment is fourth.

Oh yes, FYL because you're boring.

EmDizzle2007 28

hard pills to swallow.

yay. fyl for that

jchansfan 0

At least he didn't spend that hour barking at your dog.

well, dogs can be very talkative at times.

lilhedz 0


Haha, I agree with #4

jchansfan 0

I hope he started the conversation with "HEY, WHAT UP HOMEDAWG!?!" :P

kravitzz1990 0

what an idiot!! F* his life coz he didnt get laid because of it!! ps. quick solution: put the dog outside or another room!!

That sucks that he made that date kind of weird for you, he definately sounds like a dog lover. you should look for a guy who is allergic

That's kind of sweet. I wish my bf liked dogs that much. Anyway, maybe you should have actually tried to strike up a conversation yourself rather than just answering his questions.