By Screwed - United States - Rockville
Today, my crazy bitch of a boss fired me for inappropriate conduct. Apparently my "fake Nazi accent" is "offensive to our Jewish coworkers." I'm German. I have no way to change the way I speak, or to pay this month's bills. FML
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  marrrry  |  4

Actually it's called contingency, when the lawyer defers payment until the case has been settled in the client's favor. Pro bono would mean the lawyer never gets paid, no matter the outcome.

  louiseth  |  9

Yeah, I once had someone tell me "You're all descended from convicts" and I said "Yeah, that's true." I think it was meant to be offensive or something.
In relation to the FML, why would someone assume that, even if someone did put on a fake German accent (which is a ridiculous initial assumption), they would mean for it to be offensive to Jewish people?
Entirely agree with 4.

  P374RD3D  |  9

22-I think we can agree that racism, sexism, and homophobia are all bad. But people go too far when opposing them. I saw an article on the news one time about a high-schooler who had painted a mural at his school that depicted a man and a woman getting married. The school painted over it, because they were afraid that it would offend gay students or students with gay parents. There was nothing homophobic about it, they were just paranoid. That was the point of what the two commenters above you said.

  UberNova  |  18

65- That is true, but most people assume that Australia was the only place England sent their criminals; America was sent criminals before Australia.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

"You want bread" - soup nazi
"Uh yes please" - George
"3 dollars!" - Soup nazi

"You were kissing in my line? No one kisses in my line!" - soup nazi

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Or, better yet, contact the labor board to see if it was even legal for your boss to fire you, with the boss assuming you're a Nazi, due to your race. Unless the OP lives in an At-Will state, that's grounds for illegal termination. Then again, who would want their job back after being treated like that by their boss?

  thatonename  |  7

I always here the " that's not legal grounds for termination" reasoning, but you guys know they don't actually put " I thought they were a nazi" on the paperwork. As bullshit as it is, a lot of companies will just put down that you were not keeping up with pace or some other bullshit. It's not like they send out a federal agent to double check everyone who ever gets fired.