By Anonymous - 13/10/2010 04:12 - Australia

Today, I started a new job. The supervisor handed me a badge with the name 'Rachel' on it, which is not my name. When I told her this, she responded with, "I know, but it will be easier for the customers to pronounce than your actual name." FML
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I swear they do that at the nail salons. there's no way the lady who does my nails is named Susan lol

whats your real name?


Wow, FYL if you are foreign.

It would be extremely funnier if OP was a guy.

lol, yeah.

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This fml isn't even funny to me...

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how's that an fml?

Comment not moderated.

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I don't think that's that bad..unless you're a dude.

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I rather pronounce Rachel than Anonymous

34 - The OP didn't list their gender. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a guy...

well maybe if your name wasn't rayquisha or something ghetto, then we wouldn't have this problem now,would we?

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85 = win also, is it just me or do these recent fmls really suck?

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Hello my name is Mahmida Jaboolach(insert phlegm here)nahari from Dell support how can we help you today what sorry I mean Rachel .. ooo ok

it's just you.

whats your real name?

it's ro'logatha

rumplestiltsskin the 42nd

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happened to me once. it's not that bad.

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You had to put up with being called Rachel? That sucks.

the FTW!

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the name tag should say "whiny bitch"

ahha nice dp 3 xP ;)

I'd like to see what is under that magazine maurice

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Are you Norwedgian?

I swear they do that at the nail salons. there's no way the lady who does my nails is named Susan lol

one of the chambermaids on a cruise i went on was called jeremy, i didn't know women could be called jeremy....

lol are you sure it was a woman? lol

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haha yeah they do tht at my place too

that's racist

lol. Isn't it?

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That name is a turn on.

If you mean it's a turn on because Rachael is Jennifer Aniston, then yes, you're quite right ;) hahaha

ur face is a turn off.

i bet the OPs name is just Rachelle or something. ive heard of it being changed to Rachel a lot.

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My name is Rachel... It isn't so bad.

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Nobody's saying there's anything wrong with the name Rachel. The bad part is having to go by something that's not your own name.