By Jessica S. - / Thursday 6 September 2012 11:15 / United States - Louisville
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  walmartpaysme  |  15

You have to PROVE that he is sending the messages and hiring a lawyer costs thousands or dollars. You can't just go file a police report and hope they will do something because they won't.

  evilplatypus  |  37

24 - Seeing as he's sending electronic messages, there will be an electronic footprint left behind. The proof is rather easy. As for lawyers, they're not necessary. Why does everyone seem to think you always need a lawyer?


It's simple. Block him on Facebook and casually mention that you've deactivated your account in conversation with him so he's not offended. He never has to find out you blocked him. It's really just common sense.

  Aug1508  |  9

I hope OP wasn't completely rude to the boss cause he will be mean to OP. or I hope the creepy boss doesn't start hitting on Op. I think this might be awkward for both of them.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

actually a lot of bosses don't suck and work doesn't always either. I'd say wait a few weeks to see if he sends them again. he might stop now you work with him, if not contact his boss!

By  xalba  |  9

He has been creeping you this whole time, and now he has you working for him. Wow, I would quit ASAP, sounds to me as he has something planned and I would run. I'd rather be broke and washing my cloth with a bar of soap, Then work for that creeper.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

I agree with you but it's probably a coincidence, I mean someone higher up than him could have hired her unaware of the connection between the two. you're probably right but I thought I'd say it anyway!

  xalba  |  9

54- thank you for the lesson, I am still new to the English language. If you ever want to learn another language let me know, maybe you will see how hard it is to remember all the rules :)

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