By Bacular - 06/02/2010 09:29 - United Kingdom

Today, I started a new job, it was going well until I was asked to stand up and be introduced to a company director. I had a hard on. FML
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was the company director female?... and perhaps good looking?.... or was it a man, and you have some supressed feelings, you might need to tell your parents about??

You should have just tucked it up in your waistband

hellokittywhore 0

what I wanna know is what exactly did he or she shake?? your hand or your hard-on? I really wish these peopl would elaborate.

"Hi, let me introduce you to my little friend..."

and finish in the belly button? yea right

drilher244 0

damn boy! u didn't do the ole " tuck it in your pant waist " trick! damn rookie!

YDI for having public Jimmy Sections. Just modify the position of your little friend.

@KGirl123 it's not like having something called a hard on you. It's when a guy's penis gets hard. Hence the term: Hard-on.

@phattysaxx why would he need to tell his parents??... sounds like this guy is a grown ass man therefore capable of dealing with his sexual feelings without the assistance of his parents... not that homosexual thoughts can even remotely be assumed from this FML. you sir made one dumbass comment

what kind of thin fabric are those pants of yours that it's so damn visible?

Unless you're wearing a chastity belt, it will be pretty visible...

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this is a good thing. it just means you're excited about your new job. see if you can still get an erection after a year of going to the same job day after day after day after day.

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It would have been OK if you were in the blow industry.

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what a way to make a first impression lol your fat