By stupidupid - 06/02/2010 12:35 - Philippines

Today, we had a NAT for our preparation for college. I did quite well and knew most of the answers. When I turned mine in, I realised I forgot to write my name. The proctor doesn't allow giving back test papers after it is turned in. And no, I can't retake it. FML
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rachexl 0

how do you forget to write your name on it? if its anything like it is here, the instructor tells you like 15 times to write your name and fill everything out.

geordieboysgirl 0

Maybe, since they have no record of you taking the test, you can talke it again.


not much of an FML

Hanban 0

I've taken the NAT and it is not really needed to be in college. It's more of a survey. And no, not writing down your name does not mean that you just lost 600 points or something. This is not SAT. See the first letter difference? :D

The_Toxic_Mite 0

Damn! It appears here that the test needed to be done in a relatively short amount of time... FYL

u started a sentence with and

are you and snickerdoodles related??

ryguy997 0

LOL 53 hahahahahaha I hope I get recognized like that one day...

ryguy997 0

I meant 52 sorry! hahahahahahhahahahahahha. !!!!'nmjdishsuehsujsvshsbduddudjduskshsibsusis???!!!!!!! hdudbsuznsjsjshushav!!!!!?

Isn't the NAT test also an HIV test?... that would've sucked

rachexl 0

how do you forget to write your name on it? if its anything like it is here, the instructor tells you like 15 times to write your name and fill everything out.

Maybe it's not like wherever you are and the instructors don't tell you 15 times? It's a fairly big world, chances are they do things differently elsewhere.

rachexl 0

thats why i said if....................................

Reyo 2

If it's a test on something I don't feel confident in (even if you studied) I'll sometimes jump right in forgetting to put my name on it. Thank God I also have a habit of checking over the answers of those types of tests because that's when I notice " name".

yea. ive been drilled on every single test since middle school to ALWAYS put ur name FIRST thing u do

sterl13 0

these mods are makin me mad i can't say anything

None of your comments have been moderated, Sterl.

The only comment I've touched on this thread is the first one. Blame the server-side software if any others have gone missing.

sarin is my hero, always saving the day from the first monsters :)

CleanSheets 0

And yet you spelled sirin's name wrong

Hey, it's fine; I go by many names. Sirin, Sarin, Saran, Satan, etc etc. I still love you all.

cam007_fml 0

Satan? Seriously?

what do you have to say to get your comment taken off? btw, ydi for not writing your name

rachexl 0

i had one taken off that said ydi for being asian

KurouTenshi 0

it was probably another "FIRST!" comment LOL But yeah, YDI for not writing your name : That's basic test-taking 101!

perdix 29

Sorry you missed your chance to go to college and earn money with a respectable career. I guess you're going to have to fall back onto prostitution. Pretty it up with the title Sex Worker make sure every customer has a happy ending, and you should be able to make a decent living.

CleanSheets 0

as do I

me too as well

perdix 29

Aw, shucks, ladies, you're making me blush! :D

expen_dable 0

If anyone else said this then there would be a storm of angry comments from people who never went to college about how "COLLEGE DEGREES ARE USELESS AND YOU DON'T NEED TO GO TO COLLEGE AT ALL AND ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS ONLY HAVE BOOK SMARTS AND NO COMMON SENSE!!"

perdix 29

That was my second choice, but I wouldn't use all caps.

perdix doesn't need to yell to get his point across :)

perdix 29

Thanks, josh, but that's only true a At home I have to scream my head off . . . Into a bullhorn. . . That I point into a PA system. If only my family spoke English!

WhatANoob 0

maybe you should yell at your family I a foreign language to scare them

sterl13 0

perdix is my man *****

sterl13 0

perdix is my man *****

XxClumsyKidxX 0

not all college students have no common sense, and you pretty much need a college degree to work nowadays

you don't deserve an education

Meglawl 0

Maybe this is just for things like the ACT and SAT, but don't they have a fifteen minute period where all you do is write your name and information about where you are taking the test? How do you miss that?