By eaglesmile - 03/04/2015 04:37 - India - Mumbai

Today, during work hours, I took time off and discreetly went for an interview for a prospective job at our rival company. As soon as I reached the place, I bumped into my current boss. FML
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Why was your boss there?

Well, let's hope the interview went well... You may be looking for a new job sooner than you thought.


Why was your boss there?

Countryboy1996 18

Just waiting for the answer..

cheshireau 26

I have the same question. I don't think competitors have meetings, do they?

There are times execs from rival companies will meet -one company is looking to absorb the other -settling a lawsuit -maybe if there's a project so big it will require a joint venture it's actually not that uncommon

my bosses sometimes visit our direct competition to observe their operations. A lot of times it shows them things we are doing right, doing wrong, and sometimes ways the other place is doing wrong so we avoid those pitfalls.

maybe he was going for a job too lol

My mum shops at her company's rival store all the time, it's closer so it's kore convenient

To check out the competition

Maybe there was food.

You kind of deserve it for sneaking off work but like #1 I'm wondering why your boss was there

he didn't sneak off he took time off from work. 2 completely diffrent things.

And was he the one interview you ?

How would that be possible?

Well it's a great way to make money. Own bought places. And if there's a rival it's because you want both places to do really well and sell of as many products. Then you let the money roll in. Or he was looking for a job to because his company is going down or he is about to be fired. Or he's undercover Or well the possibilities are endless

ihavenolifehaha 16

YDI. That's what you get for sneaking off..

I'm guessing op was allowed the time off, but obviously doesn't want their boss to lnow why, hence sneaking

Well, let's hope the interview went well... You may be looking for a new job sooner than you thought.

that sucks, man

There's nothing wrong with looking for a new job :) hopefully your boss understood!

happysmile987 24

A little blackmail never hurts... Just kidding. Good luck on job hunting.

Was this before or after the Mission Impossible theme song was playing?

Maybe your boss will get the job and you'll get his job.