By sofuckingembarassing. - United States
Today, I spoke to my crush for the first time, and after a while he asked for my number. Ecstatic, I took the first piece of paper I saw out of my purse. I wrote it down and gave it to him, but he handed it back and said, "You might need this." It was an appointment card for my therapist. FML
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  jem970  |  19

Hehe its ok Doc. You meet the nicest people in therapy :-) and im sure mrs. Bastard is a lovely lady. FMLers dont judge. Wait.... thats why we are all here o_O...

By  jrod9327  |  17

I always give my number to the person so I don't have to worry about wondering if they are interested enough to talk or not. It also helps with not needing to carry paper or pen. And I may not get an answer from the author but did he not have a cell phone to put the number in?