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Today, a girl I've been crushing on for over a year finally gave me her number. I lost the note at home, but found it a few hours later. I excitedly called, only to find she'd written down the number for the local Pizza Hut. FML
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at least they will be at your house in 30 minutes or less..

mmsdrummer51 3

so order 500 pizzas and send them to her house


at least they will be at your house in 30 minutes or less..

did you not notice that most pizza huts have numbers like 310-1010?

ummmm most pizza hut numbers are like 310-1010... how could u not notice it was a stupid number like that...

i_love_grrr 0

my pizza hut is 2222 in the last four lol

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131166, thumbs up if you're Aussie.

she must be fat if she remembers pizza huts number instead of her own

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Go for Dominos, their better.

New Jersey? Don't be discouraged OP. The fat ass probably lives there.

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hahha if she memorized pizza hut's number I'm pretty sure you may have dived a bullet with that one..

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Lol better than the rejection hotline,..... Ive gave a guy a hooker number

maattyy 1

How did you get a hooker's number? I didn't even know hookers HAD numbers

Oh they have numbers...that'll cost you $10.

@4: Who else but a New Jersey lesbian would have her hooker's phone number memorized? Geez...

yeah idk about that. pizzas can't give bjs.

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17, watch American Pie, and then improvise.

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To me pizza>females, but guys>pizza>females ^_^

One year, at band camp, I used a sausage pizza to give myself a...

97 since guys beat pizza and pizza beats girls, you'd rather be with guys than with girls?

lilbeast0327 3

#6 ur obviously either gay, a fatass, never been laid, or all 3

That0therguy 4

Ha, Your comment was modified... so... yeah...?

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why cant some women just reject the guy straight to his face. it's absolutely terrible to. give the false sense of accomplishment.

Because some guys are dicks who will throw a tantrum, not leave you alone, or could potentially get dangerous.

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is she chubby? maybe she's giving you a hint..

wow, she must be ... wide! only true fatties know the # memorized. smh /: