By Anonymous - 27/05/2011 23:30 - United States

Today, a girl I've been crushing on for over a year finally gave me her number. I lost the note at home, but found it a few hours later. I excitedly called, only to find she'd written down the number for the local Pizza Hut. FML
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at least they will be at your house in 30 minutes or less..

mmsdrummer51 3

so order 500 pizzas and send them to her house


at least they will be at your house in 30 minutes or less..

my pizza hut doesn't deliver... : (

did you not notice that most pizza huts have numbers like 310-1010?

ummmm most pizza hut numbers are like 310-1010... how could u not notice it was a stupid number like that...

16- isn't that pizza pizza? :S

i_love_grrr 0

my pizza hut is 2222 in the last four lol

Frelling 0

131166, thumbs up if you're Aussie.

she must be fat if she remembers pizza huts number instead of her own

imthatguythatdid 0

5959 for me

That0therguy 4

Go for Dominos, their better.

New Jersey? Don't be discouraged OP. The fat ass probably lives there.

Hmmm, maybe she works there?

exactly what i was thinking :P

happened to me but was the number to dairy queen and she had worked there before, but in my case we still hooked up after having "punk'd" me

I don't know why 32. you look sexy.

AlwaySunny 0

hahha if she memorized pizza hut's number I'm pretty sure you may have dived a bullet with that one..

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*dodged... derr

Lol better than the rejection hotline,..... Ive gave a guy a hooker number

maattyy 1

How did you get a hooker's number? I didn't even know hookers HAD numbers

Oh they have numbers...that'll cost you $10.

@4: Who else but a New Jersey lesbian would have her hooker's phone number memorized? Geez...

lilbeast0327 3


sometimes pizza>girl

yeah idk about that. pizzas can't give bjs.

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kingtz 6

17, watch American Pie, and then improvise.

sxe_beast 11

To me pizza>females, but guys>pizza>females ^_^

One year, at band camp, I used a sausage pizza to give myself a...

97 since guys beat pizza and pizza beats girls, you'd rather be with guys than with girls?

lilbeast0327 3

#6 ur obviously either gay, a fatass, never been laid, or all 3

That0therguy 4

Ha, Your comment was modified... so... yeah...?

pitchblease 2

why cant some women just reject the guy straight to his face. it's absolutely terrible to. give the false sense of accomplishment.

Because some guys are dicks who will throw a tantrum, not leave you alone, or could potentially get dangerous.

ShelbyyCakess 0

is she chubby? maybe she's giving you a hint..

how about an original fml???

wow, she must be ... wide! only true fatties know the # memorized. smh /: