By Anonymous - 05/10/2018 14:00

Today, I splurged thousands of dollars on the breed of dog that I've loved since I was a kid from a reputable breeder. He is allergic to all food except the 24lb food for $70 and has sensitivities galore, including a seizure from a shot. I've spent $5,000 in vet bills in the first week. FML
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And that's why you adopt, don't shop! 🐶

TomeDr 24

And that’s another reason why it’s better to get a rescue dog.


Resuces have issues but they have been tested and anything known is told up front.

Actually, it’s rare for a rescue to tell you the full extent so they can rid of the dog.

Jorn van der Ar 13

So, you are a kid from a reputable breeder. Congratulations!

Kristoffer 35

Your own damn fault for getting a designer breed.

You're disgusting OP. If you cared about dogs at all you wouldn't have had this inbred monstrosity created for you despite the odds of such dogs suffering. You wouldn't have wasted thousands supporting a business that creates dogs in a world with thousands of excess dogs already (causing the deaths of shelter pets that could have filled those vacancies, and very likely an unhappy life for the puppy's mom), but would have spent a hundred or two on a rescue and donated the rest to helping dogs (like rehabbing dogfight victims for instance). Throwing away tons of money to indulge oneself ... ew. You clearly saw this poor pup as some fun toy like a fancy gaming system, rather than as a person. Do you even have a heart at all? Leave dog ownership to those who actually love dogs, asshole.

Cause it’s totally not ok for a person to get what they want. And if OP didn’t love the dog why would he spend so much on it already?

This reasoning... So it's ok to make animals suffer and cause others to be killed "because she wanted it"? I don't even have such a harsh stance on it like most posters here (mostly because I haven't looked into the matter and honestly can't tell how this works) but that's basically what you're saying with this response to this post here and that's disgusting.

"Cause it’s totally not ok for a person to get what they want" It's not if somebody gets hurt in the process.

Are you being serious right now? -_-

Mungolikecandy 19

If buying a specific breed you really need to be aware that there are genetic pitfalls to them and to be aware that they will cost money.

Speaking as someone who owns a purebreed, there should have been temporary pet insurance included with the dog

boopingsnoot 24

Like a manufacturer’s warranty

Reputable breeders should have a clause that states they'll take the animal back if it's diagnosed with a hereditary disease within a set amount of years. For reputable breeders, their goal is to expand the gene pool and breed out diseases while maintaining breed standard (How the dog looks). The sad true is though, that there are breeders that are just trying to make money at the expense of a buyer's money and heart and the animal's life.

mehimhere 11

a good breeder would have warned you and given you information.. sounds like you got a backyard breeder that dosent care.. they always give breeders a very bad rep. a good breeder has one or two dogs that they lovingly care for and always warn of health risks for the breed and and in the case of an ill pup give it away instead of selling it.. usually giving it away after spaying or nutering.

No sympathy whatsoever. There are plenty of dogs in shelters that need loving homes.

Though I agree with you, there are also lots of puppies from mills or breeders that need homes, too.. seeing as a lot of unwanted ones or ones that don’t get adopted get drowned after they reach a certain age.

And those are only created because there's demand. If there's no demand, they'll stop producing them so they're won't be "excess" breed dogs anymore. Or at least not that many.

maroongrad 13

not remotely. They just drop the price down and sell.

Why would you waste so much money because of the breed f the dog? there are literally thousands of dogs at the pounds waiting for a loving family and the only thing you would have to pay are the adoption fee; pond dogs are more grateful and loyal anyway. You do deserve it.

Emma Marshall 19

'Purebred'. People need to stop supporting breeders and adopt from shelters.

No. Shelters need to stop spreading fake propaganda