By Pups4Cups - 26/10/2016 12:43

Today, I finally realized why my 9-week-old puppy was going to the bathroom so much. I went to pick up the food bag and realized she had chewed a hole in the bottom, and eaten half of the bag in the last 4 days. Goodbye 30 pounds of dog food, and 100$ for a vet visit. FML
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and that's how clifford the big red dog was created

Trust me, pet food & treats are safest in plastic/resealable containers. Learned this one when we discovered the dachshund could open both fold-over and standard resealable bags.


and that's how clifford the big red dog was created

Trust me, pet food & treats are safest in plastic/resealable containers. Learned this one when we discovered the dachshund could open both fold-over and standard resealable bags.

pet food isn't always safe in a resealable plastic container. I have a husky that figured out, he can undo the the latches on the containers I keep his food in, then open the lid and eat all he wants. I then moved the container to the top of a cabinet that I was sure he couldn't get on top of and I have found him getting into the food up there aswell now

Ain't that a bitch.

Well you have a 50/50 chance of being right.

It said the dog was a "she"

Why did you go to the vet? The dog would have eventually shit out most of the food.

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I think they had already gone to the vet before they figured out the problem.

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GreenReaper 13

No, NEVER EVER do that with a dog. Human babies will stop eating or even refuse to eat when they're full. Dogs (both puppies and adults) and some cats will not. If there is food, they will eat everything long after they are "full". Letting a dog eat as much as it wants will only lead to a massively overweight dog.

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You ate 30 pounds of dog food as well. Did you also go to the vet? The way that's written you walked right into that.

You are correct #8; it can also lead to the animal eating until it throws up, every time it eats. I had a cat that was Born outdoors to a feral cat and was taken in when she was about six weeks old. She was somewhat domesticated, but still had a lot of the feral instincts when I adopted her (at 12 weeks). For a while, she would eat until she threw up. I think because she still had that "you never know when your next meal will be" mentality, she ate excessively. Took me a while to figure out because we have three cats, then I caught her trash digging for food And then throwing up people food, and figured it all out. Lol.

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No! never let a puppy eat however much it wants, they don't stop when their full, they continue to eat to the point where their stomach is unable to handle it, and even then they'll try to eat more.

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Not necessarily true. Many dogs will stop eating when they are full. Most dogs learn as puppies that "if I eat too much my stomach hurts" or they get sick. They do it once or twice and then never again. I have two dogs, both of them get huge bowls and are allowed to eat whenever they please. I refill them once per day, and usually there's still food left in at least one bowl. Every dog is different, some have the common sense to stop when they are full.

This is definitely a "know thy dog" type of situation. My old guy that passed on last summer was a self regulator. NEVER overate. Sometimes he would even leave some of a meal because he just wasn't hungry anymore. My dog before him was the same way as well as several others. Now, my current two are complete and total gluttons. One will pack it in until he looks like he's going to burst, then lay around and digest for the next 24 hours. The other will eat until he barfs, then eat it again. With those two, we definitely have to monitor their food intake for them because they have proven what they will do when given free rein with food. Puppies DO need a lot more food because they are growing. When a dog's growth starts slowing down, you'll see him gain a little weight on the amount of food you're feeding him which means it's time to start scaling back on the amount you feed until you find what keeps him in good shape. There is no one size fits all for feeding. I have two high energy dogs with high metabolism. The 60 lb dog eats as much as the 80 lb dog while the old guy was around 60 lbs and ate about half what my current two eat. All three were/are at great weights with lean muscle and energy to do all of our activities.

Not all dogs and cats will eat themselves silly. MANY people leave their dog food bowl full on the floor and the dogs will eat when they are hungry. Not all animals do this but it is partially attributed to the training of the animal as a puppy/kitten. This is not a strict fact but rather how the animal was raised. Source: Dog owner and lover (my dogs have always had their fill and left what was left without engorging themselves). Train your animals to have good behavior and this would have never been an issue!

Time to tie the leash to the tredmill

There is really no need for a vet visit for that, *unless* the dog is showing (obvious) signs of distress. The vet is just going to tell you to "watch her/him for signs of distress such as vomiting, lack of appetite, difficulty going to the restroom, excessive sleeping etc. If you see that behavior, bring it back in for a follow up visit, otherwise the puppy is fine". Now if you see Any of those signs now, by all means, get puppy to the vet ASAP. But if none of those signs have been observed, puppy really is COMPLETELY fine and the $100 would be a waste of cash. I've had MANY dogs and cats that have had a few litters of babies, and this has happened to me more than once. Lol. Sorry for the book!

OP probably went to the vet because they thought something was wrong with the puppy cause it was going to the toilet so much.

It's a labrador retriever, isn't it?

Keep the food in a pantry or room that the puppy doesn't have access to. I did that with my kittens. They weren't allowed in the pantry and the door was always closed so the cat food went there and the bag of litter went in the broom cupboard.

A puppy that young isn't going to eat 30 lbs of food in 4 days... K,thx.