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Today, I splurged thousands of dollars on the breed of dog that I've loved since I was a kid from a reputable breeder. He is allergic to all food except the 24lb food for $70 and has sensitivities galore, including a seizure from a shot. I've spent $5,000 in vet bills in the first week. FML
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And that's why you adopt, don't shop! 🐶

TomeDr 24

And that’s another reason why it’s better to get a rescue dog.


TomeDr 24

And that’s another reason why it’s better to get a rescue dog.

Dirtymedic 1

We got a rescue dog, we got 2 months with him and dropped 10k before we had to put him down.

And that's why you adopt, don't shop! 🐶

Adopt don’t shop it ridiculous. You do know that rescues make up stories for the dogs with horrible, bred in temperaments, right? I hate how it’s pushed on people. It is known that some dogs are sensitive to vaccines, and vets don’t check, instead give them every single shot at once causing permanent issues (like on my dog too).

maroongrad 13

No they don't. Who told you THAT? Exceptions are the ones like Gentle Giants, that are actually breeding for money. The others? If they give you a dog that doesn't fit, you end up putting it in the shelter AND IT COMES RIGHT BACK TO THEM. And they have to do all this AGAIN. The goal is ONE home, and the RIGHT home, the first time. They run off donations and volunteer time. Every time they get a dog back, it's time and money wasted. That sense.

Dirtymedic 1

That's what we did, and 2 months and 10k later we had to put our dog down.

YDI. There are plenty of rescues that are just as good as a pure breed

Though it is a very beautiful animal, there are indeed certain downsides to owning a pure blooded Expensive Shepherd.

Madison Gliosci 16

That’s why you don’t selectively breed dogs. They’re often inbred and riddled with diseases because of it.

Wouldn’t you ask about that stuff before getting the dog? I’m assuming the breeder would have known about the food allergies at least. You need to get all available info before making such an expensive purchase.

No such thing as a "reputable breeder'. Period. Animals are not toys. They are living beings. Not here to look and act a certain way. No here to make assholes with "rape racks" money. Now, because of you and the breeder there is at least one dog, possibly the whole litter who are genetically unsound. They will suffer. Wake up.

Hi, I used to breed goldens. What ******* rape rack?

Taylor Caldwell 10

Your decision to purchase from a breeder cost a shelter dog their life :(

You are an asshole for using that as manipulation. It is not our job to grab a shelter mutt, if we want a purebred we can go for a purebred. You’re sad? You adopt them all.

I don't know how long ago this story was but why didn't you take the dog back to the breeder if you've discovered that during the first week of having the pup? That's why you go to a reputable breeder: if there is a problem with a dog, they'll take them back and offer a refund or a replacement. It might sound callous but with an animal who has that many issues from the get-go you are setting yourself up for an endless pit of medical bills and possibly early heartbreak. If you've decided to keep the pup, I'd contact the breeder to get at least a partial refund anyway... I hope your dog gets better. With food sensitivities, I'd try going with raw or honest kitchen. Considering your kibble is already super pricey, it might be worth it to experiment outside of kibble (some dogs are less sensitive to raw ingredients). To the other people who commented : getting a dog from a rescue doesn't prevent the dog from having unforeseen issues (from my time in rescue I'd say it even happens quite often... most food allergies only come up when the dog is around 3 years old or older so getting an adult isn't fullproof either), there are purebred in rescues and a lot of mutts have a ton of health issues... adopting is great and good for you if you did but saying there aren't any reputable breeders, that all purebred have issues or that the OP deserves to have a dog in poor health because he got him from a breeder is plain stupid. Where do you think the dogs in rescue come from in the first place? The best case scenario is they came from reputable breeders. Worse, they are from backyard breeders or puppy mills. They are the same puppies you are hating on, just older.

Mutts can have health issues as well, but they are more prevalent in purebred dogs, because purebred isn't actually a thing. More like inbred. Dog breeds are an invention created by humans, where we selectively bred animals for desired traits. A lot of that selective breeding leads to all of the health issues that come with inbreeding. A dog is a dog, whether it is "purebred" or a rescue mutt, and they all deserve to be loved, but dog breeding really does need to go by the wayside. Creates more issues than it helps, just so you can have a bulldog with a wrinkly face that only lives 3 or 4 years because of all of its other health issues. Also, rescue dogs aren't just from puppy mills/backyard breeders, etc. A lot of them are just random stray mutts, people that didn't get their female fixed so got unexpected puppies that aren't "pure" shepherd or whatever the dog type may be. Breeders, whether reputable or not, are creating issues with making dogs "purebred." As I said before, purebred = inbred.

Lora Wood 11

Dogs do not have extensive genetics. Mutts have a much better chance at health. I currently have a 16 year old mutt.

And my mini-dachshund made it to 17 years. *shrugs* Any pet is a bit of a dice roll. She had some of the spine issues common in her breed, but as long as we kept up with her medical needs, she was fine. Jumping on-and-off furniture and running around right up until 2 days before she passed.