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Today, I took my dog to the vet because he hadn't eaten his food in three days, was drinking a lot of water, and was peeing a lot (all signs of antifreeze poisoning). I spent $200 at the vet to tell me that my dog is fine and just didn't like his current food. FML
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happy_ness 0 least your dog is fine! i'd spend a lot more if it came to my dog's health!

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That also could have been a sign of diabetes, so you did the right thing!


happy_ness 0 least your dog is fine! i'd spend a lot more if it came to my dog's health!

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people who whine about paying vet fees shouldn't get a dog in the first place if they cant afford it. my roommate just got a puppy (even though our apartment complex doesn't allow pets) and says she doesn't want to fix it (even though the dog will get its period if she doesn't) because it will cost $250. there are too many dumb bitches who want to get a puppy because "omg its so cute!"

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Agreed. I mean, if your not willing to spend the time, money and effort, why even bother? You're not doing the dog any good

Same thing with my roommate.. Got a puppy and is NEVER home to give it proper attention. And the only thing she would pay for was a shock collar.. which was supposed to be for a 10lb dog. The puppy is 4lbs.

Hell yes. I maxed out my credit card paying the vet bill for my rabbit because he jumped out of my arms and I was worried he'd hurt his back. My vet calls him the most expensive rabbit in the world after the aggressive treatment we put him through when he got ec (a brain parasite). Five months ago she was recommending we put him to sleep, now he's just fine and I don't regret a cent.

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That also could have been a sign of diabetes, so you did the right thing!

better safe (and probably angry) than sorry

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Don't's better to pay that much to find out your dog is fine than to wait it out and have to pay for something that's much worse. I had an issue with my dog. I had to drop her off at my mom's for a few days and the day after I dropped her off, my mom called and said that she was acting like she was kicked in her ribs. She said she was really sensitive on her left side. When we went to pick her up, my mom accused me and my boyfriend of animal abuse...I'm still not sure why, but I would never harm my little baby, and neither would my bf. But anyways, after we picked her up, we took her to the vet, he did find that she was sore on both sides of her rib cage. They took X-Rays just to make sure there were no internal injuries....and gave me an anti inflamitory. Nothing major was wrong...but like the first thing I's better to pay to find out nothing's wrong than to wait it out and have to pay for surgery or something else that's super expensive.

YDI for knowing the signs of anti-freeze poisoning... ever think to try to offer your dog some "human food"...

I don't know how the OP deserves it for knowing anti-freeze poisoning. Hell since I work around cars and have a dog I know about it. Since it smells like almonds most cats and dogs will think it's a "free" treat. It doesn't take more than a couple tablespoons to kill a medium sized dog.

He was being facetious. Also, OP: why are you even complaining? $200 isn't that much (albeit only if you have it), and it would've been a lot more if he actually had something wrong with him. Count yourself lucky.

Actually, offering you dog "human food" can be a sure and very costly trip to the vet, as a dog's stomach can be very sensitive to people food and trash can leavings-- left alone it can even be deadly. taking your dog to the vet is a better safe than sorry decision-- be happy they're fine!

You can give a dog people food as long as you know what you're doing. A slice of cheese or raw green bean once in a while is actually good for them. Just make sure to look up which foods are poisonous.

My dog stole chocolate covered espresso beans last night off the kitchen counter while I was gone (which is impressive considering he is barely 10 inches tall). Somehow he is fine though. Scared the crap out of me.

If it can't take a grown man in a fight, it's not a real dog.

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Oh yes, OP is such a HORRIBLE person for knowing diseases. She totally deserves this. Besides, human food can be very bad for dogs. Their systems don't work the same as ours. They can't handle spicy things, chocolate, hot (temperature) items. And $200 is a small price to pay if you care about your dogs health.

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You did the right thing, so I don't see how this is an FML. If my cat was showing any signs of possibile sickness, and I spent the money to get her checked out just to learn she was fine: I wouldn't care about the money. I'd be ecstatic.

Sorry about the bill, but at least you're a good pet parent :)

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Damn, that sucks. But good for you for taking your dog to the vet. High five for decent pet owners!

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How is this an FML?! Your dog is okay! If that happened with my kitty, I'd be so happy

Question: OP are you using Black Diamond dog food? There was a recall back in the end of 08/beginning of 09 for Black Diamond dog food due to mold in the cornmeal they used in the food. I actually found out about the recall only after my dog refused to eat it. I kept thinking she was being a brat for not wanting to eat because she'd finally eat after a day or so, so I thought nothing of it. Needless to say I felt like an ass when it came out about the recall and here was my dog trying to not die from it while I merely thought she was being bad for not eating her food.

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I know most people believe dogs are not intelligent creatures, but if your dog does not like a certain food, why would you continue to force it on them. Yeah dog food costs money and you might not always have the money for the tasty kind, but still, you wouldn't force your child to eat the same food day in day out. Vary it up for your dog.