By Anonymous - 03/05/2009 17:46 - United States

Today, my soccer team got our warm up t-shirts that say "You can hit on us, but you can't score." After the game, a guy behind my friend asks, "Hey what does the front of your shirt say?" I replied for her, "You can hit on us." He looked at me and my friend and said, "No thanks." FML
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Well what did you expect?

your shirt is basically denying him, so why should he hit on you?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! you might be ugly or fat with a combination of he's an asshole thrown in. FYL.

Well what did you expect?

am I the only one who noticed he wrote that a guy came up to him and asked then replied to "her" ?

I barely followed your comment. It says "I replied FOR her." meaning, OP replied for their friend to the guy.

Wow, that does suck... What a jerk though.

That guy's an asshole...

That's what you get for wearing weird shirts. xD Refund?

lmao im guessing ur not hot! that sucks

Same to you my friend.

#7 no, just truthful. Likely he just figured they where full of themselves to wear something like that (not knowing it was a soccer shirt) OP, I would have likely just shrugged and told him it was for soccer.