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Today, I lost my cat. It's deaf, so no matter what I do it can't hear me. FML
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a deaf cat makes easy prey for owls and hawks. Hopefully it comes home. Feed him more and he'll be too fat to run away. See my pic for an example.

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why would any have a deaf cat as a pet. it's like having a crippled midget...useless

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In that case, it's the same as giving birth to you, #66. Most of us would like to ask your mom why she put someone so useless and bigoted on this world...

A lost, deaf cat. Thatttts pitiful.

pussy cat pussy cat where are you? i love yooouuh

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cats are stupid. so are people who like them.

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8-That's a common misconception. Cats can only find their way home if they're not cats. It's an obviously rarely occuring phenomenon.

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That sucks! Cats don't usually respond by voices though.... they're not dogs.

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be glad it's not blind, shit would be way worse if it was lost and couldn't see.

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people who find other people stupid or not, depending on what animals they like are most stupid. O.o Despite the fact that cats are definatly NOT stupid, but very intelligent, the reason itself is so ridiculous, I can't even take you serious, I even laughed out, reading you comment. You're funny^^ As to the cat, feel sorry for you, losing a beloved pet sucks. It will probably find its way back home.

I agree people these days try and cling to stuff that help define them like are they a cat or a dog person then defend this ideal to the extreme without using logic or sense and call others stupid especially with the xbox vs ps3 vs computer wars

its funny how OP called her cat 'it' not he/she. i would never call my dog it!

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i had a blind deaf cat that couldnt walk or eat or pee on his own im sorry

@179... Maybe OP doesn't know because the person who gave it to them had seven eyes so they couldn't tell:)

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aw I'd like die if I lost my cat ):

87 if you say **** cats why would you even comment on this fml and waste our time

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111 cuz hes a troll.... dont let them get to you

I don't think I'm a troll but whatever

111 - You waste your time on your own. Who decided to read his comment? You did. Who decided to reply to it? You did. Don't blame others for your mistakes.

145- I went to check 111 at first and I was like um ya. total win...but I get it now all good

133 How are they suppose to know not to read the comment if they haven't read it? Fail.

169 - That's the point. He decided to read it, no one forced him to read the comments.

I put a gun to his head and made him read

I had the contract put out that 190 took up

Yes, but how would he know it was something he wouldn't want to read if he hadn't read it? That is where you fail. If he doesn't know what it says, how would he know to skip it?

212 - My god, women are so stupid sometimes. After he read it, he decided to reply to it. Now shut the **** up.

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so it's ALL women's fault now? we're ALL stupid automatically because one girl made a mistake? thats sexist, and ur a hypocrite, because guys are just as stupid!

219 - ******* feminist. You got as many rights as men, you're welcome. It was up to men to give them to women. Quit complaining. I didn't say ALL women. I said women are "sometimes" really stupid.

#218 I was talking about reading. I never said a thing about him/her replying to a comment. Perhaps learn to read, before you start calling people stupid?

eFighting is FTW! *Smashes chair over 87*

If you died when you lost your cat then your definitly not seeing that cat again.

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If your cat is chipped, there is a good chance you'll get it back. I know I wouldn't want to lose my cat so hang in there!!!

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well, look on the bright side, oh wait... what bright side...

Maybe the cat is just lost in op's house? It's not like kitty can here the can opener or anything. Better yet, maybe op's just in the wrong house.

I thought I lost my cat once but she was hiding in our reclining couch the whole time. My mom was visiting and Miss Priss was afraid of people she didn't know. We didn't see her for 3 days and we had 2 other cats so the missing food and full litter box weren't clues.

Try to put treats around the house. It might of lost it's hearing but not it's scent :)

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I'm so sorry, I hope theres a chance you'll find him/her. I'd go crazy if I lost my cat or dog :(

My grandma has a deaf cat.. I constantly forget it's deaf and go, "Here kitty, kitty." And I'm like.. "Wait a minute..

I'm not trying to be rude but does it really matter? I've never seen a cat that came when it was called. Put up "lost cat" notices with a picture, OP, and hope someone finds your cat. FYL

my cat is just like my dog he comes when he's called, he drinks out of the toilet and he lies on his back and always wants his tummy rubbed.

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one of my cats does that too . sometimes I believe he's a dog on the inside :)

I know several cats that come when called

If you say my cats name or her nickname (Misty, mitty or bootiful girl) she meows.

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my cat simba comes when he's called, not right away... he's usually delayed by a minute lol but he comes to me!

170 I have a cat named Misty too! But she will almost never come unless you are laying down or really calm.

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My cat Bobby comes when he's called, or when you whistle for him.

89: there are a lot of cats that respond to their name. Otto on YouTube is a good example.

Thank you for all of the anecdotal information. I have a little more respect for cats now.

@183 My cat was a stray and originally a friend of ours owned it for a week or two. Coincidentally, we wanted a cat at the time (I was only 5 years old) and so we got her. Our friend said we could only keep it if we called it Misty, as it has a grey/black coat (like Mist) plus I like pokemon. My cat is about 9 years old now. How time flies. I remember her climbing the Christmas tree...

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your cat is frigging adorable!! OP I hope you find Yr cat I'd die without mine!

False. I have a blue eyed kitten and he can hear and see. SOME cats are. Not ALL.

Yeah, that "theory" makes no sense. My cat is part Siamese, so she has white blue eyes. Basically, you're saying Siamese cats are deaf.

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only completely white cats with blue eyes are deaf! :(

Only pure white cats (with no color at all) with blue eyes are deaf. Also, if a white cat has one blue eye, and the other eye a different color, the ear thats on the same side as the blue eye is deaf.

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i wasnt aware thongs were being made on FML now, may i have one?

WRONG #95 My cat is neither deaf or blind on his blue side. Stop getting your info from the internet. P.S. I didnt know thongs were being made either, lol.

WRONG #95 My cat is neither deaf or blind on his blue side. Stop getting your info from the internet. P.S. I didnt know thongs were being made either, lol.

Y'all need to listen to kiki- We have two purely snow white cats with deep blue eyes; both of which can hear and see perfectly fine. Make generalizations, not absolutions..

Completely white cats (and dogs) have a much higher rate of being deaf than other colors. They are not always deaf. Also Siamese cats are not white.

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If you cat is in the road being scraped up by the roadkill wagon, it is deaf.

I'm an RVT and work in the vet field. So I may know a thing or two about animals.

White cats with blue eyes are almost always deaf. white cats in general are prone to deafness but the risk rises exponentially with one or both eyes being blue. its called pigment-associated congenital deafness.

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yeah, someone needs to read more!

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Don't say that :( If kitty doesn't come back we should all pretend he met a girl and eloped to Vegas and lived happily ever after. :D ...