By KittyKat168 - 09/09/2016 09:34 - Germany

Today, I managed to spill Superglue on the one place you absolutely shouldn't spill Superglue. FML
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Looks like you just invented a 21st century chastity belt.


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It's probably just me, but I find arena to be hilarious

Let's just think about gluing a ****** shut and gluing a penis shut. They both suck

The antidote being soaking in acetone. How about you soak your junk in that and let us know how it goes?

your right! acetone or 97% isopropyl alchohol.

My boyfriend once superglued his hand to his pubes -_-

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At least he could cut his pubes and set his hand free! He'd need to find a valid excuse as to why he suddenly has hairy fingertips though...

They used to say it causes hairy palms - I guess it was true in this case

He didn't think of that, he decided to rip his hand off

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How does one manage to do that.

Wait, naked supergluing is something you figured would be low-risk? Or were you perhaps repairing an article of clothing without removing it? We'll need further information, I think.

I was thinking kinky sex gone horribly wrong.

I didn't realize there was only one of those...

Typing this with the use of only one eye now? I can't think of a worse likely outcome than the permanent blindness it would cause. Any other sensitive place would heal eventually.

That's what I was thinking. I'd much rather superglue my box shut than my eye, or even in my ear. That could do major damage to your ear drum too.