By couturier - 02/01/2010 07:08 - France

Today, I emptied out a bottle of water onto my porch as I was going into my house. Only a couple of hours later, I decided to leave and slipped on what had turned into ice, bruised my tailbone and sprained my wrist. FML
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And the Darwin award nominees are....

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ouch FYL


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ouch FYL

YDI for drinking from bottles

1# ya Ouch but Why would you say anything not mean when it is the Op's Fault that he slipped. You should say he Fails and YDI and maybe next time you will throw it on the grass or don't drink from bottles.

Idonebeenhad 17

Is THAT what happens to water below freezing?! NO WAY

Realistically she could just use the same ice patch as an ice pack for her back. Make use with what you have!

daydreamstar 7

*gives you a giant ice pack* im sorry get well soon!

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oooo burn or ice cold

that's what comes of being lazy then. Hope you learned your lesson, and feel better soon!

how were they lazy???

And the Darwin award nominees are....

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Bushes, OP! Pour it into the bushes! No sense wasting it, at least water some plants with it.

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Kinda feel bad for you, but a the same time why would you be pouring water out outside when the weather can make it freeze, i mean wouldnt it have been easier to pour down a drain or even a toilet? Gonna have to say YDI

That's what the grass is for, hunny. Grass will appreciate your water a lot more than the porch will anytime!

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There was probably no grass by this point seeing how water freezes solid in 2 hours.