By Anonymous - 21/09/2010 22:47 - United States

Today, I spent the entire day at school being called Meg. My name isn't Meg, so I started to get really annoyed and confused. Later, I found out it was because I look like Meg from the show Family Guy. She's known for being unpopular, unwanted, ugly, and stupid. FML
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did you go to your room and eat a whole bowl of peanuts?


barnmaster98 5

well you must really be unwanted. lol

loose weight and the glasses

Aww that's horrible D: that would suck! prove them wrong then get some friends, put some makeup try to look better hahah

Jessi2487 0

16- it doesnt work for meg, it wont work for OP lol just sayin

lolol people at my school just started doing that go a GUY so I guess it's not so bad FYL still

ShadyFTW1 0

ydi for being unpopular, unwanted, ugly and stupid.

jojoklasson 0

time for a make over?

Shut up Meg and GTFO of FML.

bubbarific 0

srry Meg but thers a boob to ass ratio required in order to use fml so ud bttr get GTFO!!!!!!!

KiddNYC1O 20

become a front girl of a hit rock band.

bubbarific 0

srry Meg but thers a boob to ass ratio required to use fml tht ur way off of so i suggest u leave now

lol you guys are fucked up

LOLatU87 0

haha a true FML YDI for looking like Meg from family guy I guess

KingDingALing 9

Pics or gtfo. Just kidding:) But seriously, I want to see if you really look like her.

KingDingALing 9

This fml would make a great illustrated fml! :)

I love Meg !!!!

Hahaha I love this one

steelersjackson 0

who cares? family guy rules!

wait megs a girl!?!?!?!? jk

I love family guy references! it's crazy how everyone knows them. except op. I'll bet they r very similar.

Atleast they didn't call you Peter.

the_flirtt 0

family guy FTW !

people say I look like Brian. fml

that's a huge bitch!

rfngxhhshi 0

lol there's a girl in my school we call Meg behind her back cause she looks a lot like her hahaha. funny how op is from new jersey and the girl at my school (in IL) is actually from there ha

atleast you don't look like Jake Tucker.

39 wtf is up woth your hair??

zerobahamut03 2

lol way too funny. you just made my awesome week even better! thanks.

People have called me Meg before too. Except this was back when I didn't have glasses. On top of that, I'm not fat, nor do I wear hats. They're probably not even accurate in calling you that.

Get a makeover from a news reporter and form a band with your family.

shut up, Meg.

lildevil963 0

lol 56

samgar 0

In the kitchen Meg?

romanceaser 0

shut up Meg

smdbeeach 0


"What happened? Is everyone OK? Is there someone in the house?" *Peter nails her with baseball bat* "Oh, sorry Meg you startled me"

xoxo31 0

166- I love your eyes

166, you gorgeous..:)

you sir, win the fucking medal xD

"Meg......who let you back in the house?"

Duveed 0

263, funniest pic ever! ROFLMFAO!

xdeadxradiox 0

Lol #223's picture goes well with their comment :D

309, this is my jizz face..;)

xdeadxradiox 0

Ahh I see! XD

nice to meet you, meg

shut up Meg go kill itself no one lives u u piece of s**t

how come every profile I've looked at says that the person has tried submitting an fml, but it's never been approved..?

#5's profile has one approved...

Hey, but inside every meg is a mila kunis.

zp5 4

damn you beat me to it :P lol

i don't comprehend the humour?

poor Meg :(

zp5 4

#89 you fail.

FMyLifeCereal 0

Totally beat me to the punch as well. Chalk up another win Jane.

Lulz. I've never cared about getting the first comment, but I was ridiculously proud to be the first one to say that. >.< 89, it's a quote from the show. Someone, usually her dad, is frequently saying it to her.

Meg isn't known for being stupid. Fail OP.

man #5 is adorable and knows her Family Guy. marriage material.. lol

soccerted5 2

niceeee. haha

Thanks 276. :]

damn I was gonna do that

276, totally agree bro. Think I'm in love. We can't let her know though. Must be kept a secret 0.0

Shut Up Meg !!!

mahimalil 0

wow stinks

Shut up Meg!

Hahahaha! a guy in my class said that to me once, I look nothing like Meg, and have no traits like her either so I don't understand what he meant... he's ugly though!

xdeadxradiox 0

Lmao! I like how you just added that he's ugly at the end

did you go to your room and eat a whole bowl of peanuts?

ThatLooksSticky 16

I'm allergic to peanuts! whats wrong with you people?!

Meg is also my old dogs name. She was a pug and always smelled funny. Hope that makes you feel better, op!

gibby1235 6

ha ha niiiiiice. 

What a way to boost up somebody's self image.

that made me laugh :D

I hope your parents beat you! Meg