By forgotten - 21/09/2010 22:16 - United States

Today, I was on my hour long bus ride home with a full bladder. Right as the bus reached my stop, the time I spent holding it in was over. I didn't make it out of the aisle before I peed my pants. FML
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Don't believe him ^^ it has not happened to everybody.


Ydi for not controling yourself and for not having a penis. Had you had a penis, you would have been able to drive. Had you been able to drive, you would have been alone in your vehicle. Had you been alone in your vehicle, you could have pissed in a cup. Had you pissed in a cup, you would not have pissed your pants. And that's why you don't give a mouse a cookie.

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that sucks i almost feel sorry for u op but here is my reaction. 

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Don't believe him ^^ it has not happened to everybody.

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I would have put it on failblog lol. but seriously you need to invest in some adult diapers!

well if she had a penis, her piss control boner would have shortened that story by a lot. :P

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63 your story was crap. I agree with the boner statement.

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You must have been 'pee'ssed off.

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at 76...that sucked. fly op but at least you didn't pee yourself right as you got on the bus, that would suck more.

And my friends wonder why I'm so paranoid about going to the bathroom. I don't want this to be me. :/

Sucks for the other people on the bus! they are stuck in chairs with a stranger's pee sloshing all over the floor, potentially spattering shoes and purses and trapping people on a stinky island

and just imagine, they'll have to face them all again the next day most likely.

boojie97 12

first of all, that sux!! second of all, FIRST!

omg hahahaha that is terrible! At you held it in for that long FYL, but YDI shoulda went when you had the chance :)

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Lilbabynid3 3

It's alright mayne ... but I am FxIxRxSxT next time, piss on someone just for the heck of it.

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lol you lose for not getting the joke

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Wow, OP that really sucks. Hope the smell came out of your clothes and your public embarrassment doesn't stick in your mind. FYL

gibby1235 6

way to go. u just reminded her of all the bad things that happened. i bet she feels real good now.

gibby1235 6

way to go. u just reminded her and i bet she feels so much better now. 

AudaciouslyInsan 0

 I will remind her each and every day till she dies.  Mwahahahaha