By Katelyn - United States - Folsom
Today, I was pumping gas, when my daughter called me. After I hung up, I put my phone on the car roof while I grabbed my bag. I completely forgot about it and only realized when it shot off the roof as I braked at a traffic light. FML
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  itsame0987  |  18

Actually perdix I do believe Best Buy has a warranty that covers everything that may happen to you electronics. Even if the damage is your fault. So if op Bought the phone from there and got the warranty she could get a new phone.

Also, hobos, it is just a myth, a fairly old myth, that talking on cell phones while pumping gas can cause an explosion. People talk on cell phones every day while getting gas. It is smoking next to a gas pump that is bad.

Can't decide between fyl an ydi, because seriously who hasn't left something on the roof of the car at some point - usually coffee or some other drink. But I would suggest op invest in a belt clip for the phone or keep it in her pocket.

  j_m_k_90  |  0

Using a cell phone while pumping gas will not kill anyone of ignite gas fumes and make a fire nor will smoking a cigarette and pumping gas.

You can throw a cigarette in a bucket of gas and it will just go out.
Gas needs to be vaporized to ignite like that with a spark you can't just ignite gas with heat...

By  perdix  |  29

If you forgot about your phone while you were pumping gas, why don't you just completely forget about having a cell phone altogether?

They're expensive and you are clearly landline material.