By throwinguptears - 02/11/2016 14:30 - United States - Marlborough

Today, after $87, waiting five months and making sure everything was perfect, I was ready to go see my favorite comedian live. I got the flu. FML
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OP here: Chris Hardwick. Don't know why the first reply didn't say I was the OP.

Should have gone with the flu anyway. Say you were "the walking dead"

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The flu is definitely no laughing matter.

He was so sick that he was throwing up tears.

Omg Welshite, you're an OG!! blessed to have you reply to my comment!

Maybe he'll talk to you from the stage. He'll probably crack everyone up making fun of your vomit bucket. Laughter is the best medicine.

I wonder how you made sure everything was perfect.

I'd still go, cause I'm the sick Oprah. ?. you get flu, you get flu, everybody gets flu

Look under your seats and you'll find an envelope. Open it and you've got anthrax!