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  MCRaddict15  |  15

Right. I mean, even if he wasn't happy for her [which he should have been] he would still be able to spend OP's money. OP deserves better and now she has some extra money she won't be spending on her boyfriend.


This is why he's unsuccessful; he bails at even the slightest threat and he clearly hasn't learnt from that. Not only do you not need him due to his lack of support, but you don't want a partner who will run from everything challenging in life. I think you had a lucky escape.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

It's kinda an extent. Obviously not every guy is like this, but I have (sadly) known a couple of guys in the past who either wanted their girlfriends/wives to become housewives or wanted them to have menial "female" jobs so that they had to rely on their boyfriends/husbands for support. It's pretty sad that there are men in this day-and-age who are intimidated by women who are successful and/or independent.

  HonestTruth  |  5

Allow me to translate:
Men are afraid of strong women, I frown upon this, but congratulations! Women should be strong and look after themselves rather than to rely on a man, in this modern era.

  MistaKrista  |  8

You know... It would be different if they messed up punctuation and/or misspelled, but they messed up their plurals. In my experience, people who mess up like this are not speaking English as a first language. It's not an easy language to learn. If this is the case, I'm sorry about the assholes commenting above.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

68- very true. This isn't just a website for the countries that speak English as their first language. So chill out, you can tell that it isn't their first language because of the type of errors. I don't like your generalization though 2.

  McNerdyNerd  |  8

I completely read this like I was listening to a caveman. If you think of it that way, it makes total sense! Doesn't matter they wrote it, you still get the idea :)

  SammyS2012  |  21

If you think about it, some guys want the woman to rely on him because he wants to be her knight in shining armor more than wanting her to be submissive. I want to go through medical school and eventually be a doctor, but my boyfriend would rather me do nothing and be able to enjoy my life while he takes care of me.

He supports me though, he just doesn't like that I picked such a demanding field because of all that I have to go through.

  downtime  |  12

33, Why does it have to come down to fear? Why can't they just be more interested in a traditional role without actually having something against non traditional roles? It's not like the role of a housewife is demeaning or degrading, its an honourable living if you have the means to do so, and there are definite benefits to having a mother raising children rather than a TV or day care taking on the responsibility. I'm sure many people would actually be happy for the opportunity to do this, and are only limited by the cost of living.

The guy seems insecure in himself in this story for sure, but there is nothing wrong with wanting a traditional family.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

#47, what, the profanity? Fuck, yes, it is.

And OP, your boyfriend is a fuckwit who doesn't deserve you. A man who is threatened by his girlfriend's/wife's success isn't much of a man. You are well rid of this creep. You deserve better.

By  blueflare21  |  3

I think you should be grateful. Dodged a bullet there.

By  SlackerEmeritus  |  13

It probably stings now to lose him over something so petty, but keep in mind that he was willing to dump you for such a petty reason and remember that you can do much better if you so choose. Rock that promotion and congratulations.