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  eurostar710  |  11

The YDI is because McDonalds is a disgusting excuse for a restaurant. And what they serve there can only be classified as food by disgusting people who have never eaten real food. McDonalds is not real food, it's chemicals. And it's horrible for you. If you are eating at McDonalds I think shitting and pissing all over yourself because you sneezed is the least of your problems.

  DynamicDave  |  11

I'm pissed that I can't do that shit. Bless you if you can, but 'snot really a common skill.

Your day may have been pretty crappy, but urine good with those people because you gave them a funny story with which to pepper their conversations. Granted, whether or not that's a good thing Depends on your outhouse, I mean outlook.

Oh, and gesunteit.

  _Vamp_  |  9

It's easy. I found that out at the top of the Ferris Wheel at my local park. Let's just say the people on the bottom weren't too happy...

  punkin_26  |  16

I thought it was a funny joke. I actually do that all the time (put mc before other words) usually as an insult for example Douchy McFuckface or something dumb like that.