By Anonymous - 08/10/2011 16:00 - United States

Today, while I was waiting in line at McDonald's, I found out I can sneeze, pee, and poop all at the same time. FML
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That's shitty (we we're all thinking it, don't get mad at the pun)

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Damn that must have been embarrassing to find out...

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Aw, shit. I'd be pissed atchoo.

you must have sneezed the shit out of yourself!!!

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This is call a HD multi purpose

Oh well it probably smelt better than the food.

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Who gives a shit about what other people think?

Funny thing is, that same thing happens to me, but after I eat at mcdonalds!

#78, I think they just meant that McDonalds is more of a kids place, they didn't mean that the food caused anything...just sayin

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22- it's not like OP tried to do it. Asshat.

78 i seriously think you are austistic, and if not, then your parents raised you horribly, you socially retarded dumbass.

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Burger King is going to have it their way and you're going to be McLovin' it.

^*ed up the mess!! Of cours they didn't clean it up!

Op-*ahhh ahhhchoooo" Person behind op- "bless ypu si...... Uhm sir" Op- "yes?" Person behind op-" nevermind.."

OP, urine big trouble if you stink up the lobby.

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Excuse me, Ice King? Finn and Jake always win. So shut up and have a nice day :) Or have a day like OP's, you deserve it now.

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Ice_King, seriously dude, chill your **** bro. Better to ignore than to stoop to his level.

The YDI is because McDonalds is a disgusting excuse for a restaurant. And what they serve there can only be classified as food by disgusting people who have never eaten real food. McDonalds is not real food, it's chemicals. And it's horrible for you. If you are eating at McDonalds I think ******** and pissing all over yourself because you sneezed is the least of your problems.

I'm pissed that I can't do that shit. Bless you if you can, but 'snot really a common skill. Your day may have been pretty crappy, but urine good with those people because you gave them a funny story with which to pepper their conversations. Granted, whether or not that's a good thing Depends on your outhouse, I mean outlook. Oh, and gesunteit.

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Lol typical mcdonalds customer

Ya geez I've been trying that for months...

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Is there a question here? of course it was well done! Could you do that?

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That must be a shitty situation. I bet the people were very snotty about it. I would be so pissed.

That must be a very shitty situation. The people must have been snotty about it. I would be so pissed.

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Ah come on man don't be pissy. It was a shitty situation, let it go.

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Nice try. If people voted it down once before, why post it again? (Unless there is a comment bug, then I retract what I say)

Ouch. Well, at least it wasn't some fancy restaurant?


Eating at McDonalds will make him sneeze, pee, poop, and puke all at the same time.

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Hahahahahaha this made my day. **** your life.

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It's actually a well known side effect from eating mcdonalds but most people don't tend to look past the heart attacks.

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It's easy. I found that out at the top of the Ferris Wheel at my local park. Let's just say the people on the bottom weren't too happy...

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Talent and lots of practice.

He must of had the 3 bean chili. That poor man.

no mcdonalds puts mc in front of a lot of things on their menu. mc + awks = mcawks

I'm going to take a guess that their comment was a joke, friend....

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I thought it was a funny joke. I actually do that all the time (put mc before other words) usually as an insult for example Douchy McFuckface or something dumb like that.

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Uhm, eww. That's pretty much disgusting? Yeah.

Because they had total control over this mishap. You're pretty much a bitch? Yeah.

'MeganCello' she knows a bitch when she meets one. Yeah.

Thank you for clarifying that peeing and pooping while standing in line is disgusting. *insert yeah here*

It's not like we all havn't done it at least once!! Admit it! Yeah.

Bah it's just McDonalds. Probably happens all the time.

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Yeah that's how they make the burgers. They sneeze, shit, and pee in it.