By Anonymous - 19/01/2015 22:07 - Canada - Brampton

Today, while walking to work, I sneezed so violently that I slipped on a patch of ice and hit the ground hard, badly spraining my shoulder. I lay there in agony as a pair of bystanders just stood there, laughing their asses off. FML
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So much for Canadians being super nice


0goodtimes0 13

So much for Canadians being super nice

I'm Canadian, don't worry they probably apologized afterwards. :)

It's hardly possible to have a country that only consists of nice people. Like every other place you will get some really nasty ones like the bystanders Op ran into. Yes, the majority of Canadians may be nicer and say sorry more often, but not everyone does. Anyway, I hope your shoulder recovers quickly Op!

Dude... not all Canadians are nice, that's such a stupid stereotype.

Did you even acknowledge #10's comment, 16?

Those bystanders were probably mean tourist?

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Canadians actually aren't that nice. They stole that stereotype from their former rulers, the British, and the British are too polite to correct that false stereotype.

Why are you guys taking the sarcasm from the stero type so seriously

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Idk if it's just me but I feel so much better after letting a sneeze out. I hate when you have to sneeze but can't, then you look like an idiot trying to get that itch out of your nose

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Any time you have to sneeze, look at the brightest light you can. Works most of the time.

One of the best solutions.. However you are also blinded for the next few minutes and are subject to seeing random colours here and there..

Just hope they fall over as soon as they leave

My mom said something similar happened to her. She has weak joints and fell outside of a grocery store. All those people around and only one person helped while everyone else just stared. People are mean and just don't give a shit :( sorry everyone sucks OP

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I hope your mom was okay #6 at least there was ONE good person to help her out :)

I fell on the ice not too long ago, and hit the ground so hard I thought I broke my elbow. My sister's response was to smile, do a really bad job of covering said smile, and walk away. The school bus came by shortly afterwards, and someone that got off helped me. These are sad days when you can trust a stranger more than your own sister.

That's pathetic and very low of her. At least the stranger was there to help you, at least there's still some good people out there. I wouldn't just walk away or crack a smile at someone in so much pain, I don't see how anyone could do that :-( hope your elbow is okay

My elbow was fine after an ace bandage and a couple of tylenols

Well, you just sound like a clusterfuck. I feel your pain.

And my faith in humanity has reached a new low...