By Alex - 15/07/2009 20:17 - United States

Today, I found a website that lets you write an email to yourself from "the past". I used my boss's address, and wrote a long email about how much I hate him, signed from me. It worked, and he'll receive it in 6 months, after I move away. He's already received the confirmation email, though. FML
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Perhaps you should have tested it first to see how it worked. Sorry to say, but YDI because of that.

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#! is sooooooooooooooo right you never burn bridges dude you never know what may happen maybe your boss might know someone that your trying to get a job with or met that is important... its not what you know its who you know... im tellin you that was a very poor decision on your point i mean there is never really a problem when your nice but when your mean you can always find a problem will occur!

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Not third. And she should just send the same thing again to him but with all her other co-workers names. That way it might seem like one co-worker is setting everyone up.

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LOL. I'm wondering if that would even be necessary. A confirmation e-mail doesn't usually have a copy of the original or anything. I doubt it even said much at all.

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i know the website right? RIGHT next to the send button is the (after verifying youre mail) finnally telling your bosshow you feel may have made you feel better but writing something that hatefull you wanna do it right like maybe keep the email and just send it after youre gone? sorry but YDI for not paying attention

what #1 said, even if you are flipping burgers... Your manager might be a customer if you become a banker or supply manager, and also might know a friend who has an esteemed law firm to get you out of that law you just broke. Even if it isn't running into the person again, you might be surprised how someone who seems mean will write you a letter of recommendation even a year after you left.

True that. Either be a man and say it face-to-face or go home with your tail between your legs. Sending an email to be delivered in the future after you're long gone is the coward's way out.

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I'm a ********. fission mailed.

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dyslexic or trying to be funny..? that's cool though. what website is it?

ugh, you fail. And coincidentally this applies for you too now! :)

Random comment (I love being anonymous): nuclear is quite good looking. In person, there's no way I'd say that. lol

You are a sad sad man humorizer...try getting out of your parent's basement and start meeting some girls ;)

Perhaps you're right. But there are plenty of good looking friends that I have, I just felt like making a random comment.

48- I highly doubt that is really her pic, she probably found it on Internet. Doesn't look like a pose any normal person would take a pic in, also it is completely photo shopped. Sorry to ruin your dreams..

the confirmation part was not well thought out. not one of the better ideas.

Perhaps you should have tested it first to see how it worked. Sorry to say, but YDI because of that.

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The conformation part was not thought out by the makers of the site.

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Lol nice one. YDI for screwing up

thats an epic fail xD What website is thatt?

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oo i found a website!