By ypsitucky - 26/07/2011 01:32 - United States

Today, a drunk crashed a truck into my porch. Shaken up, I was glad to see that so many of my neighbors had gathered around to comfort me. When the dust settled, I noticed my remaining porch furniture was missing. They weren't consoling me, they were casing the place. FML
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How long was the cloud of dust around your porch that you didn't notice them taking stuff?

Those bastards, take their lawn ornaments.


alexa183 2

wow that really sucks! :/

the comment above does not explain the situation in my bathroom.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1


because the have nothing better to do in their life..

sorry wrong comment

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Well if it was taken by your neighbors its not like you have to look far. Take your stuff back. Pee all over their front door while your at it ;) I'm sure that will get the message across.

Yeah. OP might want to consider moving house.

such loving neighbors

at least the cops will show up soon.

helterskeltersmi 0

epitome of a "hit and run"

How long was the cloud of dust around your porch that you didn't notice them taking stuff?

that's a fake one... how wouldn't you notice and why didn't you call the cops??


I'm guessing you live in the hood somewhere in Detroit.

those leechers. i hope things work out for you.

I don't really understand how you couldn't see any porch furniture in your neighbors hands as they waved goodbye to you. But that's just me..

exactly even if there was dust.

It really isn't that difficult to figure out if you think it through.

Well, someone was in thinking mode, unfortunately for the OP it just wasn't her. lol

Maybe one person distracted Op while the rest stole Op's furniture

8- But what if the neighbors always carry patio furniture with them?

heylesha 8

damn:/ FYL btw you have BAD neighbors.. lol

Those bastards, take their lawn ornaments.

And their little dog to!

damn gnomes..... always watchin me... cant a man shit in his own yard without being mocked?!