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most states in the USA are "at will" which means they can absolutely be fired for any reason. especially "sleeping with the bosses wife"..... even more especially since "adultery" is not included in the protected classes

  Mungolikecandy  |  19

Most states in the U.S. you can be fired if you wear a pink shirt and the boss does not like pink. It is only if it is discriminatory and can be proven to be such there is any recourse (which is rare).

  0neiros  |  13

Can you not read? OP has never even met the bosses wife. At will is not a passport to fire someone for false allegations. This is wrongful termination AND Slander and cn/will cost the boss and company a lot of money.

By  Lora Wood  |  10

After years of Republican government Michiganders have no prevailing wage for public construction projects. Holliday pay is not mandatory either. People get fired because they showed up for many years and got the promised wage increases. Out you go there's a hungry line behind you.

By  0neiros  |  13

This is easy - next day you show up for work as usual. Put your phone on video record, he comes out and yells at you saying "I fired you for sleeping with my wife." You scream back "I'm recording this (making it admissible in court). For the Record I've never met your wife, and if I am fired, I''m going to sue you and the company for wrongful termination and Slander. Do you REALLY want to follow this course of action? Because I will wind up with everything you own and I mean EVERYTHING!!! Now I'm going to my desk, you can either knock this crap off, or call the cops and have me removed. BTW police reports make wonderful evidence in wrongful termination lawsuits of this sort."
Then go to your desk, he calls the cops, get a copy of the police report. An follow through on everything starting with going to the stat labor board.