By thatsillegal - 30/01/2009 22:57 - United States

Today, I found out that my assistant is now my manager. FML
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My goal is to have the assistant be me.

Happens all the time.

sucks for you! lol

thats hilarious, because i am in the same position as the assistant manager in this story. haha

I think... I THINK... That you might be the one he is referring too

Wow that sucks

Hope you were nice to him.

Yeah if op was a douche he s gonna have a bad time

what's the big deal..?

Hope you were nice to your assistant!

wow 2 years ago and ppl care so much there r 9 (well now 10) comments. the point of this site is to entertain ppl, not to complain about something no one cares about. so good job, u officially fail at life. (lol that was an exaggeration...but still, it's kinda true)