By Anonymous - 02/05/2010 07:08 - United States

Today, I watched my boyfriend feed his cat and change his profile on both Myspace and Facebook before saying to me that he was, "too busy to have sex." FML
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I never understood why girls could "not be in the mood for sex" but as soon as a guy doesn't want to do it, he's labeled as gay. Friggin sexist right there.

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haha- i like that the op included the bf feeding his cat as though it's as frivolous an activity as updating myspace. i get that he was probably making excuses and that sucks but no matter how busy you are, you still have to feed your pets. fluffy shouldn't starve because you have errands to run. in addition to that, i feel i should point out that maybe he really was stressed/busy. that is not a good starting point for a fulfilling sex session, which takes a lot more time than updating a status, i would hope...


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maybe he duznt like da sex wit u

I think #1 is correct. op, you must suck in the bedroom.

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either he's gay or you just suck in bed

it's probably because he's screwing a new "pussy".

are we really going to allow these types of fmls? then open the floodgates to the millions of boyfriends and husbands who don't get enough sex too.

All of those things take much less time than having sex. Good sex, anyway. Cut him some slack and plan something special to reward and relax him when he isn't so busy.

^^ This. Also he did need to feed his cat if it was hungry. YDI for not making it appealing enough, guys like it when girls takethe initiative sometimes.

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#20 is rite u cant force him to want to have sex wit u, jus cuz he's a man duznt mean he's always gonna b in da mood 4 it

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reasons he gay suck at sex 3.he wants something new

if you look closely, you can see that #1 has a penis!!!! holy SHIT!!!!! 8====D !!!!!!

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either you smell somewhere or he mght be gay. alot of gays own cats.

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if your local to SoCal hit me up I'm not too busy

10, grossss! kitty bestialityyyy. ick. it always sucks when the boy isn't in the mood. sorry, OP.

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well he has to feed his other pussy!!!

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omg your muscles are hugeee! :D

He changed his status to not in a relationship!? or what? and u were at his house watching him do these things or are you just a stalker? whatever.:

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I know #1 and she definitely does not have a penis.

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i think its funny that #1 is tryna stick her butt out as if she actually has one lol

#2 i'd so f*** you. :D. that's not weird right?

#1 HAS A PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Put some effort into it sexy clothes erotic games even put in a ****!!

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dude.. cover those **** of urs up.. they dont look to great no offense...

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lol she's basically subjecting us to child **** cause only a desperate little girl would flaunt her **** on the internet like that. Skkkeeeezzeerr!!!!!!

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oh and a middle classy...

I know seriously, cover 'em up and at least add an index finger up along with your middle one -.- ^ your pic looks so cool :D

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lmao child ****.?(: I like your use of words my friend uhh yeah & I'm not even a child :p uhh boobs away now. hahaha cheese & rice people. kma<3 bwahahahaha anyone else joint the "I hate julez" club.? going once going twice.?

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we all hate them, just accept it or get off fml

82 -I love ur pic it's so cute :D I lovethat equation ^_^

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aahahahah #22 weeeeaaaakkkk

it's been printed on a red shirt in a much nicer font for this past valentines day.

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fyl for having a boyfriend with a cat.

well, I get it but FMLs are getting suckish nowadays..

you could be horribly boring in bed. find and sleep with at least 5 other guys and give them all a survey afterward rating your performance.

i moderated alll four new fmls :). & I'm suprised he didn't throw up. I would've; I hate other peoples fingernails.

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#9 I think you commented on the wrong FML. This isn't the one about fingernails...that's the other one...

eeeh, sorry. my itouch went bezerk on me. ;/

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Force-feed the cat a marshmellow or chocolate. When it dies or chokes to death you can have sex, there will be no cat in the way.

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And what about the Facebook and Myspace?

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Force feed the cat the comp. mouse. Problem solved!

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there are other fish in the sea

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19, Im sure this FML had nothing to do with fish. Unless you are relating you're comment to the food that the Bf was feeding his cat. *Shame to anyone who doesn't get my sarcasm.*