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By  happycupcake  |  0

haha- i like that the op included the bf feeding his cat as though it's as frivolous an activity as updating myspace. i get that he was probably making excuses and that sucks but no matter how busy you are, you still have to feed your pets. fluffy shouldn't starve because you have errands to run.

in addition to that, i feel i should point out that maybe he really was stressed/busy. that is not a good starting point for a fulfilling sex session, which takes a lot more time than updating a status, i would hope...

  ANGiEk09  |  0

lol she's basically subjecting us to child porn cause only a desperate little girl would flaunt her tits on the internet like that. Skkkeeeezzeerr!!!!!!

  julezbby  |  0

lmao child porn.?(:
I like your use of words my friend
uhh yeah & I'm not even a child :p

uhh boobs away now.
hahaha cheese & rice people.

bwahahahaha anyone else joint the "I hate julez" club.? going once going twice.?

  ImSoBaKed  |  0

19, Im sure this FML had nothing to do with fish. Unless you are relating you're comment to the food that the Bf was feeding his cat.

*Shame to anyone who doesn't get my sarcasm.*