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Today, while on the bus, a small child asked me if I was having a baby, and I replied "Yes." I'm not. I was just too ashamed to admit I was fat. FML
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JackeeDawn 9

There are only two kinds of real honest people in this world; small children and drunk people.

But isn't that where most people keep their fat? :o


JackeeDawn 9

There are only two kinds of real honest people in this world; small children and drunk people.

icrest80 4

Don't forget the government! Wait a sec nvm....

theslimshadylp 6

What about autistic people? That's one of the signs of autism.

Psych101 9

32- You shouldn't be getting thumbed down, that's actually the truth. I know someone with a mild form of autism and he is often brutally honest.

I have HFA myself. That's why I said it. Apparently it isn't PC to say things that are true.

imavelociraptor 6

Well if it's the truth then why should he be thumbed down???

fylx100 19

65- Because people are ignorant and if they read something that they don't believe is true, they tend to thumb the comment down rather than looking it up.

33-Not even close. That's a gross generalization.

67 - Everything is a generalization to some extent. I doubt there's much of anything in this world that doesn't have an exception. That being said, as an HFA person who teaches special education (and studied special education in the US, France and England), I can tell you from experience and research, that the vast majority of people with autism (who do not have nonverbal autism) are painfully honest and blunt unless they have undergone significant social etiquette education.

67 - It's not a generalization. 33 said it is a SIGN of autism. It would be a generalization if 33 had said autistic people are always brutally honest.

I heard that people talking in their sleep are honest xD

As a mother to a child with autism I do know a bit on the topic. I guess I just don't like when people generalize or expect everyone to be like rain man? Haha. Everyone with autism is different. Just like all us neuro typical people :) I should have elaborated on my earlier comment.

65- Some posts here on FML don't get the thumbs they deserve until a few hours later, sometimes 24 hours later. As you can see, it's in the black, now. :)

Shouldn't be ashamed of how you look. It's what's on the inside that counts. :)

But isn't that where most people keep their fat? :o

You should love yourself and the way you look, and if you don't, go work out.

Right, so I should go get fat. Always accept who you are, but try to improve yourself and make yourself better in whatever way you see fit.

zuzupetalsYO 11

2-On the inside there is a fake baby.

24: That was honestly the funniest comment ever. Thumbs up for you!

Unless you are sick.. There is no excuse to being fat. " accept your self the way you are" Is what fat people tell themselves in order to continue their fat lazy life style. Everyone should be striving to look healthy.(NOTICE I said healthy.. Not skeletal). Being fat is NOT ok by any means.

Like you said. It's a lack of impulse control. If you took the time to read my comment I said I didn't mean be skeletal, I mean be healthy. If you are fat and not sick, it's your own damn fault for being lazy and CHOOSING not to eat healthy and exercise.

I agree with Kakarot2 Being fat is a life choice. Like Ricky Gervais (comedian)says: "fat people don't get fat behind their own backs..they know why they're fat &they like it."

^ did I not just say " if you are not sick" Although genetics play an important role, they DO NOT make you fat. People make themselves fat. Genetics just make it easier.

115- Uhh, yeah. It IS just that easy. That's the way it's been done for literally thousands of years. You're only enabling the obesity epidemic. Half of the health problems you mentioned arise BECAUSE of excess weight. Seriously, think about it.

Well, #129, the thing is that no one does that, unless they have severe thyroid problems. Either you are losing fat but building muscle (which happens to be heavier than fat), or you are counting your calories wrong. For example people tend to forget that Coca-Cola and Salad-Dressing is really packed with calories. There is no magic when it comes to being healthy. Saying that this comes from "skinny people with no clue" is just trying to make excuses. I'm not super-skinny, and the only reason I'm at a "normal" weight is because I watch what I eat.

I think people are being bias. Having extra fat isn't going to kill you and actually geography/weather conditions play important roles in our weight. Being obese isn't healthy obviously but because the OP has a belly doesn't mean she's a fat ass.

icrest80 4

Before your comment gets buried it means original poster

theslimshadylp 6
perdix 29

The OP means that she has a protruding belly and the small child asked if a developing fetus was the cause of the bulbous abdomen, but the true cause was excessive adipose tissue (aka, fat.) Does that answer your question?

No, they meant what does the term "OP" mean. You did not answer their question.

MsFML_ 16

Maybe you are having a baby, you just don't know it. (:

Lol I love how you pose this as a good thing :)

The "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" crew can start filming!

ThePsyche 9

Awww I'm sorry op!:( children say the darnedest things sometimes, and I'm sure he didn't mean it. You shouldn't be too upset, a lot of guys find women with some meat on their bones very attractive. Just rock it girl. :)

Kids have no filters. I've had my hair very short and I'm now letting it grow out, when I go to resteraunts kids question if I'm a boy or girl cause theyre confused on the fact that my hair is short but I also have boobs..

6- There is a difference between "meat on your bones" and wing mistaken for pregnant, even by a child.

Legendoflaw 4

#42 if that's you in your profile picture. I really don't see how anyone can mistake you for a male. Short hair or not.

Yea that's me in the pic,but I guess from the back of my head I look like a boy:/

Buuuut you would have to face them to be able to hear them ask if you are a boy or a girl & therefore seeing the red lipstick and makeup and shaped eyebrows it probably would be SAFE to assume that your a girl ... Hmmm. Maybe I'm reading into things. Anywhoo

Silly, you don't have to face someone to hear them. And they were kids and were pretty loud. You are definitely reading into this a little too much. Just saying that kids don't have filters and ask what others don't.

biggie biggie biggie can't u see? sometimes ur looks just hypnotize me... haha gotta love lil kids...

7 - What the hell does that song have to do with this FML?

funkiemonkey15 4

Why is this being thumbed down?! Is is bad advice?

Well it could be maybe because we don't know what she looks like. Could be a small tummy or a big one. Can t judge the size of someones body off a post

Never be ashamed of yourself OP. Accept who you are.

And if you can't accept yourself, then make changes.

LittleGreenPaola 23

If you don't feel comfortable with your body, get in shape. it only depends on your will power.

It's true. Exercise boosts self-esteem and is a natural stress reliever.