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Today, I was babysitting a little girl down the street. She pulled out her 'memory box', which contained many childhood treasures. After pulling out a variety of dresses and baby pictures, she says, "... and here's my belly button!" and plops an umbilical chord in my hands. FML
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MukyDaCookie 0

What a precious childhood memory. Every kid should keep one of those, mine is under my pillow along with my tonsils, wisdom teeth and my first crap.


justdancebbyx3 7

I think I just threwup a little...

Suffertree 0

That's what you get for being around children.

I dont understand your username. Its seems as though you created an account with the name "heresmybellybotton" just for this particular occasion of baby-sitting! This FML must be fake and created by the people behind this website, which proves that this is all a CONSPIRACY!!!!

dotVillain 1

#34, wtf are you rambling on about? OP, did you eat it?

ohhhh_Ashley 0

#34 i think you are new to this site. when you submit a story you pick a nickname and most people relate it to their story. the OP might not even have an account.

LiveLoveLife_fml 0

or the op doesn't have an official account... so put that as the username so it wouldn't show up as anonymous cause everyone hates that.. ahaha jk but yeahh (:

i honestly don't get what's so gross about it. all those fmls about babies eating poop, that is SERIOUSLY gross.

Idiot, if you don't have an account you make a name or the moderators make a name for you. Once they changed my name "Drew Leitch" to "DeepTaccer".

justbea777 0

ewwwwwwww!!!!! D: i didn't even know you could save that!

ihatestupidppl 0

Yeah, lots of people save em for stem cells and what not...but I've never heard of parents letting their KIDS hang on to them. Thats just...creepy.

Um the parents don't keep the umbilical cord for stem cells. If they want to keep the stem cells they pick a cord-blood bank before the baby is born and order a kit to collect the cord-blood. A doctor collects the cord-blood after the baby is born and normally before the placenta comes out with a syringe. They then send the blood to the blood bank where it is frozen until needed. I do think that it's disgusting that the parents kept that BLEH! I mean when my nephews were born theirs just like fell off sometime and that was the end of it. That's gross to keep.

ihatestupidppl 0

Actually yeah you're right, the parents who wind up keeping it do it more for sentimental reasons. Sorry, I'm going on VERY little sleep here. But yeah I dunno, I'm all for sentiment but again, if you're keeping something for sentimental value, WHY let a little kid hang on to it?! And if the kid just got hold of the "memory box" the parents were on the parents' part. I wasn't allowed anywhere near my parents' keepsakes from my childhood when I was little. Because little kids break things lol

I know a family with four kids and all four kids' umbilical cords are in ziplocs in their freezer in case they ever need a stem cell transplant. I mean, if it was my kid, I'd put it in a stem cell/blood bank for safe-keeping; not the place where I also keep my frozen vegetables and chicken fingers...

haha. just imagine if someone comes for dinner, and goes to the freezer to help out. "you said you wanted the frozen veggies? okay hang on a--what the hell is this?"

BassGirl 5

59- The cord blood had to be collected at birth and stored in a cryogenic storage facility. a zziploc in a freezer ain't gonna cut it hunnie.

littlebluepill 1

I have both my daughters' stuck in their baby books. I think people are thinking they're enormous - they're actually only about 2 cm long, really tiny.

I never really had the urge to keep that when I had my daughter haha. I kept the little card from her bassinet at the hospital with all her info and our hospital bracelets but not that. It didn't help that when hers fell off, it went into her poopy diaper while I was changing her.

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hahaha thats from meet the fockers but they fried his bris not cord lol

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isn't it his circumcision ring in meet the fockers? I dont really remember clearly

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mine looks like bacon..but I'm not going to eat it:/ ..

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What a precious childhood memory. Every kid should keep one of those, mine is under my pillow along with my tonsils, wisdom teeth and my first crap.

Haha! That isn't terrible but since it wasn't your own... Eww. ;x

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