By donnap - 09/06/2012 05:54 - United States - North Highlands

Today, I got a really bad sunburn. On my eyelids. Who knew blinking could be so painful? FML
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Ooh. I feel sorry for you. And here I was thinking blinking was easy.

I had sunburn underneath my fingernails. So suck it up op.

Question: How did you manage to get sunburn under your fingernails?

the worst sunburn is on the bottoms of your feet

Nah, the worst possible sunburn is on your ass, so you can't sit on it.

Your dick is the worst place you can't wank.

#62 It's worse on your eyes, any welder here can testify that arc flash sucks

Ew, 77.. I think I can speak for a majority of people on here by saying no one wants to hear about you jacking off, or uh..not being able to jack off. Either way, keep what you do with yourself to yourself. Thanks.

The absolute worst place to get a sunburn is the armpits. The eyelids are bad too. Poor OP.

Getting a sunburn anywhere sucks, but on your eyes, that's absolutely horrible. You could try cucumber slices, that might help.

Agreed sunburn on your ass is one of the worst kinds of sunburn. Especially when you have to sit in a small cramped car for a 3 hour ride home from the beach.

Don't worry OP, it will heal in the blink of an eye

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I always wondered if that was possible FYL OP

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I mean come on... No one EVER says dont forget to put sun screen on your eye lids

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#64, my mom says that to my brother and I :P

One time I got a sunburn on my spear. It hurt to shake it. But I suppose eyelids would hurt just as bad.

Are we just naming bands here? Ok. Siouxsie & the Banshees.

Siouxsie& the Banshees is actually a good choice, since they sing "Peek-A-Boo". Now I'll say "Naked Eyes"-There's Always Something There to Remind Me. (:

MY TURN, sleep with one eye open, by bring me the horizon. :D

39) by rem do you mean rapid eye movement sleep?


Because one direction has nothing to do with eyes?

I'm pretty sure these one direction people are being massively sarcastic

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Don't you mean beast? I mean, they sound and look like monsters.

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Close My Eyes - Manic Street Preachers

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Eyeless - Slipknot. I don't have any other song that has to do with eyes. :/

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Never trust the hazel eyed. No? I didn't want to be left out. ):

To be honest, one direction sucks dick. I could name 5 bands better than them off the top of my head right now. Rush, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Skrillex, and Avenged Sevenfold.

FearShrine: I think he's counting the iBand application Skrillex most likely uses.

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One Direction... That's down.

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You people are my eye-dols.

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Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson 102: You can't say a certain band sucks just because you don't like it. Be careful with your words or else the fan-girls will come and get you.

Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit just had to add my bit.

Should have wore sunscreen, didn't anyone ever tell you that you have to apply it on both your eyelids and behind the ears?

Excellent advice. People seem to not like that around here lately. Eyelid skin is the thinnest on your body, if I recall correctly. It burns quite easily if you're lying out with your eyes closed. Wear sunblock, people! Wear it everywhere, everyday. Fake tans are more attractive than skin cancer (although what's wrong with the colour you started in?).

Good advice indeed, but I'd suggest wearing sunglasses. A friend of mine once sunburned his sclera(?) (white part of the eye), which was very painful, his eyes kept tearing for days and had to wear sunglasses inside his house, because his eyes couldn't stand any light. But of course, if you wear sunglasses while tanning, you'll probably have some funny tanlines at the end of the day. :)

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#36 You strike me as a sort of a sunglasses enthusiast...

Yeah, 'cause sunglasses = badass, so more sunglasses = more badass, right? No? ... Okay :(

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your not related to Patricia Krentcil are you?

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If it's too painful to blink, weeping angels wouldn't be able to get you. You'll be alright.

Damn . . . you beat me to the Doctor Who reference. Exterminate!

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How is OP going to see then? ._.

Since everyone has x-ray vision that works on eyelids.

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Sleep! That's what I would do, now you just have an excuse for it ;)