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  tacovender  |  7

When they're taken out of the ground they still keep little pieces of gravity in them! Now go tell that to your physics instructor and get an A! :D

  hellokittay  |  5

^ No, you're wrong. The magnet was obviously created inside his/her robotic organs. Then proceeded to somehow get in the stomach, and led to the intestine where it was then shat out. It's the only way it got there. Trust me, I'm right :)

-sarcasm- I hope you all understood it was being used.

  StopDropNRoll  |  11

Seriously! I mean come on.
OP( to self (while drunk of course)): "hmm I don't seem to attracting any chicks...god I really need to start talking to some girls. Wait! I got it. Chick magnet! *gulp*.
sometime later. How the f*** did this get here"
He will never know =

By  slappymojo  |  0

what does shat means?

By  cykedelic  |  1

YDI, what on earth led up to the point for you to need to shit out a magnet anyway. Seems like there were plenty of YDI moments leading up to this particular event as well :/