By Anonymous - 24/02/2012 08:40 - United States

Today, I gave myself a hernia while farting. FML
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don't force it OP. that never ends well. just let it come naturally


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Excessive pushing. Sounds painful for you as well as who ever was standing nearby.

There have been too many vague FMLs lately.

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Rainbow_Kev awesome picture *brohoof*

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This is the girl whose boyfriend only would talk about dragon ball z. Maybe she tried to go super saiyan...

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Haha I feel bad for OP. That must have been one ******* huge fart.

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I gave myself a hernia trying to click on this FML -.-

I think he may have just farted incredibly forcefully :/

don't force it OP. that never ends well. just let it come naturally

That one kinda backfired on you, didn't it 38?

It took a massive amount of effort to publish that comment, FYI. I had a massive inner conflict on whether or not to use "That stinks" or "That blows". I expended a great amount of energy and am now severely weakened as a result. SHOW SOME RESPECT!

Oh no! The DailyTrollSlayer has been infected by the trolls! Run, run for your liiiiiiives!

38 - were you talking about your comment or 4's?

Worse than rectal prolapse? I would prefer hernia to that.

sounds like your naming random metal bands

perdix 29

Not really. Journey, Marmite and Gigli are all worse than a hernia. Hernias are not the funnest medical procedure -- that award goes to professional relief of the DSBs.

What is a hernia? ( sorry I'm a little boy ;)

It's basically a bulge in the abdomen caused by your organs due to...well, it has different causes. In OP's case, I'd say it was excessive strain from farting so hard.

I like little boys. Yummmmm. You can come over here and I'll teach you all scout Hernias. No? :|

perdix 29

It's when Nature's colostomy bag explodes (see earlier story.)

All about, not all scout * - But I do enjoy me some boy scouts :D

60 - I'm watching you... If I see a van, I'm gonna call CPS.

Why is that random perve saying he likes little kids

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Nah it's your friendly neighborhood pervert Herbert! He gives out free candy, what could be so bad about that..?

White vans are too mainstream. All about the Prius V!

Google is an organization formed on the Internet that has the objective of becoming the primary supplement for instant searches on any computer, (generally windows) there Alan are you happy, Now what is a hernia?

YES, what is google???? isn't it 1997???? :o

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The evil company whose motto is "Don't Be Evil." I'd like to try Potent Potables for 800, Alex.

@10- A condition in which part of an organ is displaced and protrudes through the wall of the cavity containing it.

There are many types of hernias - ventral, umbilical, inguinal, femoral, obturator, hiatal, internal, lumbar, get the idea. Look it up if you want to know more.

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Google is a misspelling of the word, "googol."

Any questions contain your health go see Docbastard

That's why you never force a fart. Just let them happen.

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