By brownunderwear - 14/12/2011 03:45 - United States

Today, I took a poop that was three states of matter. Solid, liquid, and gas. FML
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Same thing different taste

By mimi - 27/09/2011 02:51 - United States

Today, I shat a magnet. FML
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Now I can't get this shit outta my head, screw u op

This isn't an fml it's a "shit" story. It has nothing to do with a F my life deal.

I though most FMLers loved to hear about shit happening to others. Pun most definitely intended.

Wow! You farted and took a crap! Your life must clearly suck, OP.

* insert pun about shit here* I bet there's someone bound to make that comment!!

Susieee_Q 9

Bahahaha. OP's name is hilarious. And, might be too much information.... But let's face it. Happens to the best of us. (:

eyeIoveyou 4

congratulations, you have now made the elements of "matter." consider yourself special :')

On the one hand: TMI - on the other hand there is some information missing. E.g. who moderated this shit? About the most boring FML I've ever read.

Jakesterk96 8

Someone has to lay off the taco bell...

yumlicious 4

Then GTFO. Go visit givesmehope.

I don't get it. #1 gets all these likes, but then #4 types the same thing & everybody hates on him ?

Did it happen in your pants..? (Referring to the name)

Miss_Trejo 5

I'm quite surprised no one has made a "shit happens" comment yet.

Sounds like your john tasted the rainbow and I'm not talking about skittles

Shit is meant to be brown. Youve been eating too many skittles if your seeing rainbows out ur ass