By failatboys - 14/06/2009 03:06 - United States

Today, was my senior prom. I've had a crush on my date for months, but after many attempts at grinding with him and sexy seduction, he rejected me saying he was a good Catholic boy. I later found out that not only is he in touch with his religion, but intimately in touch with other boys. FML
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At least it's not your fault when he's gay. In my opinion it would have been worse if you saw him being in touch with other girls.


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OMG FIRST! FINALLY!@ Guess I shoulda read the FML before I posted though Lol...

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You said he was Catholic. Is this something you should be surprised about? I have a little song to share with you- Altar Boy, by Stephen Lynch: Deep in prayer my cross to bear I kneel upon the floor Temptations of a Catholic priest aren't easy to ignore But I can not control myself It rips my soul apart For one small sheep among my flock has Stole the shepherd's heart Altar boy, altar boy Confess your sins to me You will find the grace of god Inside my rectory At Sunday Mass or Bible class I catch him in my view So I close my eyes but there he lies Spread eagle on the pew And when I see him in that frock My conscience goes awry I'll give him some communion wine thats Spiked with spanish fly Altar boy, altar boy Is it gonna be heaven or hell You can play my organ all night long If you promise never to tell Our Father Who art in Heaven Hallowed be Thy name I could dress him up like the pope and then I'd.... Oh dear god the shame no no no Lead us not into temptation Deliver us from sin We could pretend that he was Jesus Christ And I was Mary Magdalene Altar boy, altar boy Confess your sins to me You will find the grace of god Inside my rectory

Try picking non-homos next time. Plenty of straightees waiting for a turn in the Oval office.

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girl you gotta find someone who will love your sexy shit lol yall could have a good time then ;). and him not be backin out of it n shit LOL

Tbh, you should have seen it comming. Yeah, I don't like religion, only what they stand for (friendship, humane, common sense - I mean those things that should be natural, like taking care of your elders, not start a fight, etc).

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5, Xero3g, homos are hawt. Plus they are usually alot more accepting and all around nicer. :)

Girl u can buy strapons these days ... it's 2009 geez :p

Gotta love those Irish priests. :) PS. #2: Double fail. (Y)