By kdeeeceee - 05/11/2011 07:25 - United States

Today, my girlfriend sent me a sexy picture of herself in my boxers. I thought it would be funny to take a picture of myself in the thong she left in my room and send it to her. She thought it would be funnier on Facebook. FML
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MarjoCupcake 11

Lmao, I'm sorry OP.


MarjoCupcake 11

Lmao, I'm sorry OP.

I pray for your sake that you haven't added your parents or prudish uncles or aunties on Facebook.

yoursucklives 36

i think my boyfriend would punch me in the tits if i did something like this. and i would understand it.

Andddd.... Untag.

13FTW 9

I sense a cuntpunt coming on soon.

Don't you see? This was her plan! She's breaking up with you.

Wow bitches be crazy

Post the picture she sent to you..

I'm pretty sure a picture of a guy in a thong is a bit more humiliating than one of a girl in boxers.

I think posting her pic on facebook would be even funnier

Banana_Pancakes6 0

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah. I'm sexy and I know it.

girls can be sexy in anything guys, just no...

I'm surprised no dump her posts yet but if the FML was vice versa everyone would say dumb him coz he's cruel and insensitive

Alexisthebestest 16

I think it's funny that you actually put the thong on. A lot of guys wouldn't do it, but I think it's funny. Guys with a sense of humor are the best in my opinion.

OP's girlfriend is hilarious.

What's your name I gotta see that! ;p

*sings* Iii'm too sexy for your thong, too sexy for you thong, what the hell is wrong?

Everything, everything is wrong.

What 108 said. I'm all for feminism, but if you want equality, be prepared to be treated like a man.

Osito2011 9

Seriously. Bro I would post her pic on Facebook. Then send it to gf

Haha, I just love the way OP worded this FML it actually made me giggle :$

Keyman1212 Why can't we all be treated like woman :p

You r a complete idiot YDI

No, rodonz94, she is not. She's an asshole that needs to be dumped. I'm sure you would sing a different tune if it was him posting a pic of her in underwear without her permission.

papilingo 0


1 You kinda look like a 40-year-old crazy cat lady who found her way into a party and had abit of alcohol. Your profile on the other hand says you are 18, I don't know about that though.

Just comment on the picture and say wow u let yourself go. Make her some cookies with exlax cookies fix everything :D

oreobunbun 3

Op is alitte on the dull side... Of life

Oh, to be young and to feel love's keen sting.

Everybody above me in this thread is threadjacking smh -__-

82- is it really necessary to quote Harry potter movies.

137. If there is one thing you must know about me, it's that I can relate life itself to a Harry potter movie lol

Let me see that thong thong thong thong thong.

What's so bad about wearing her thong?

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It is to sexy, what's sexy about it is that he is secure enough with his sexuality & with his manhood enough to do something like that. Security in who you are is pretty sexy to me

smiley1014 23

I'm guessing the next thing you will say is that he is secure enough in his manhood to dress in a dress, or sleep with another man...

What's wrong with that? I'm not gonna argue sim antics with anyone especially someone who is gonna show their true level of intelligence the way you have

ShroomsOnAcid 16

While I'm not into the thong thing, I have to agree that there is something pretty damn sexy about not giving a shit about social standards, and letting go of your inhibitions. Besides, no matter how many dresses you wear, your penis won't fall off, and you're not going to magically grow a vagina.

smiley1014 23

You said security in who you are is sexy, so ask your man to dress like a woman for a week. I bet you can't get him to lol.


smiley1014 23

I find it funny that you mention my intelligence, and the. Post "shrooms", thanks for just proving exactly how lacking you are in yours.

Think about it.... Your reply basically said flat out that you are anti gay, that's pretty stupid if you ask me which I know you didn't but I really don't care about waiting on invitations for my opinion

ShroomsOnAcid 16

He actually has done it himself, as a fuck you to every other guy who thinks they have to act like a douchebag just to prove they have a penis. He's dressed like every stereotype out there for the same reason, and somehow, MAGICALLY, he was....*gasp* STILL THE SAME PERSON!

smiley1014 23

I'm actually not anti gay. I'm Anti blurring the gender lines. I think that there is a movement of womb who are ani-masculinity however you spell it. It's just like the lady trying to raise her male child like a female or the lady trying to get her male child into girl scouts. But thank for reading anything you want to into my posts. What's that, your previous post said you basically hate all mainstream males. See I can read between the lines too.

fthislyfe 22

I'm not homophobic! Actually, I've fought for their rights many times. But you should be sure about your sexual orientation! If my boyfriend (who has to be straight cuz I'm straight too!) wears a dress, it's a real turn off for me. But if my gay friend thinks it's cute to wear a dress, I'd absolutely be OK with it.

leadman1989 15

24 - Clothing is just clothing there's nothing INTRINSICALLY feminine or masculine about clothing ONLY what we've been raised to believe. Women who wore pants back in the 30's were considered CROSSDRESSERS and now there's nothing MORE normal so do try and open your mind just a little.

I don't like you.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Thank you leadman, that's exactly our point. Also, raising a male child like a female is light years away from a man confident enough to put on a woman's piece of clothing for fun. These gender lines of which you speak are mostly made up by the society that we grow up into, which is why people are experimenting on their kids. That's another issue, since it could seriously screw them up. That's because some aspects of character and behavior are biological and influenced by male hormones, and if its biological, simply dressing a man as a woman or trying to "demasculanize" him isn't gonna do squat to change his biology. There's just so much fail in your logic that I'm rambling so I hope this made sense to those with a brain.

Again I say THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I agree with shrooms & leadman wholeheartedly & that's all I'm gonna say regarding that.....

iAmPaul 49

arulo76 - go back to whatever it is you do in life, because you obviously have no place in online discussions.

leadman1989 15

3 - Op said FUNNY

Llama_Face89 33

You guys are missing the point. OP said it would be funny to send the pic to his girl because she sent him a pic of her in his underwear. Nobody else was supposed to see it. Hardly a spark for a homosexuality debate if you read the whole thing.

39- newsflash, gender isn't black and white, it's not binary. There are a myriad of hormones, genetics, physiology, and any amount and composition of those determinants that go beyond physical identification of gender. It's not being PC, it's a fact of life. Besides, sporting a thong as a joke and not worrying about what it means to be who you are or define you in any way is legit.

I'm not saying dressing a male child in a dress or having him join the girl scouts is a good idea. Gender identity needs to be decided by the individual.

Wow that was the most boring FML thread I've ever read.

grizzvolleyball9 4

He wasn't trying to be sexy, he was just trying to be funny.

Man thongs are sexy whats wrong with u

People secure in their sexuality are sexy.

I hate people like the 1st replier who constantly reply to their comments. Get a life freaky one

mathow 3

I wanna know how her thong fit!

gracefield21 7

(first reply) stfu damn how'd u get 36 likes that's f$&@ed up

gracefield21 7

Just shut up ur such nerds I swear ur so gay

I'm guessing OP has passion in his pants and he's ain't afraid to show it.......

smiley99114 0

I'm anti gay what's any of you all Gona do about it can only date people with the same sexuality as yourself? If you're straight then your partner can't be bi or pansexual?

kellilynn 18

@41 Why does it matter what anyone is wearing? It's a piece of clothing. I'm sure the male children with barely any clothing in under developed countries would LOVE a dress, just to have something to cover them. And yet, here you are, saying that a straight male shouldn't wear a dress. I see you have short hair, typically found on a male. If, in your eyes a male can't wear a dress, you shouldn't have short hair. Double standards against males are one of the main reasons feminists get such a bad rep. Next time, consider what you're saying, because you're being nothing but hypocritical and you seem lacking in intelligence

Neither is her wearing his boxers....

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Well you gotta agree, it is funnier. On the other hand, it's pretty mean. Putting it on Facebook is not the same as just showing it to her friends. On there, it's for the whole world to see and possess if they wish to download it.

Seems like too many people have forgotten the importance of privacy.

Thabb 0

Download it, and jerk to it?

crackz12 10

I think im in love with you SHROOMSonACID. Tattoos, intelligence, looks, and drug interest. Hopefully you listen to good music and your my dream girl. And yea about the post, thats embarrassing especially if you have family on the shit. I would just be like that bitch photoshopped a naked picture of me. It doesnt really matter though unless your young and live somewhere your gonna get beat up for it. Op shouldnt care though he already has a girlfriend nothing to prove.

Yeah, I agree with you, Shrooms. I don't see how people say he deserved it. She's just a bitchy girlfriend.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It's easy to look that way on the internet 136, but trust me - I'm a loony. I agree with you about him technically not having anything to worry about. However, sometimes even our closest friends don't share a certain view or belief with us, so we have to opt out of disclosing some information, for the sake of the relationship. It's often the case that people who are narrow minded about a topic aren't worth fighting with and ruining a friendship over. Besides, he could have coworkers and other professional contacts added on his Facebook. In my opinion that's all useless bullshit to worry about so it's easier to just not have a Facebook. Not only have people forgotten about their privacy, but the new generations have never known full privacy at all. That is the truly scary part.

SomeRussianGirl 3

Put her picture online.

That was the wrong thong to do.

Yes. Maybe. I don't know.. You're not the boss of me now, you're not the boss of m.. Oh, sorry.. Didn't see you guys there.

leadman1989 15

43 -Some douche thumbed you down Life is unfair...

It should be: Yes, maybe, I don't know, can you repeat the question... You're not the boss of me now :}

yoursucklives 36

it actually starts with " yes, no, maybe..."

ImOlivia 5

Now that you tried to correct him when it didn't really matter how it was, you seem like a douche. Congratulations.

hawaiianfire 0

And now 106 you are the douche...

SystemofaBlink41 27

Life is unfair so i'll just stare at the stain on the wall...

and so do you. and me too I guess... /:

Claim it's photoshop

Blacksabbath211 9

That's why you always keep your face out of photos like this

How about returning the favor?

The girl looks hot in boxers.. The guy looks ridiculous in a thong..

hawaiianfire 0

Yes but op never specified about her top half :O. So the games still on.

gracefield21 7

You've seen it? Jkjkjk taking to the first Reply

Then retaliate by putting her pic on fb lol

kooner55 0

Today, My girlfriend put a picture of me Trying to act sexy in her thong on Facebook so I retaliated by putting the picture of her in my boxers on Facebook. She dumped me. Fml

Then she apparently can't take a dose of her own medicine & doesn't have a sense of humor. If ya can't take it then don't dish it out. I'm sry that she dumped you, you deserve better anyway....

Orr.. Other dudes might find it extremely sexy causing (hopefully unwanted) attention from some of her male friends.

leadman1989 15

18 - I think he'd be legitimately better off.

'Other dudes might find it extremely sexy causing (hopefully unwanted) attention from some of her male friends.' So? It's her own fault. She sent sexy pictures of herself, probably thinking her boyfriend would keep those private, and when she get 'sexy' pictures of her boyfriend, she puts them on the internet. Really, I'm surprised that no one here has called her a bitch already. How incredible rude slash disrespectful slash immature is it to post that kind of pictures of your partner on Facebook? OP has definitely reason enough to rethink about this relationship or to get a sweet revenge (although it's childish to post her sexy picture on Facebook, but still, it would be sweet).

iAmPaul 49

25 - 18 was exploring the possibility of your suggestion. That's something a lot of people do on FML. Once again, get off the Internet...

Paul, seriously, you think I'm gonna even remotely entertain the idea of listening to you? HA, get a life & you might be able to boss your bf or gf around like that but not me honey

First of all, chill mmkay? You don't need to call her a bitch, it's unnecessary and looks bad on your part (for insulting someone you don't even know). Secondly, my girlfriend has sent me loads of sexy pictures, I wouldn't upload those to Facebook and parade them around. Granted that revenge is a dish best served cold, I think it would be immature if OP retaliated. Be the bigger person.

'First of all, chill mmkay? You don't need to call her a bitch, it's unnecessary and looks bad on your part (for insulting someone you don't even know). ' Thanks for the advice, mister Sensitive, but she is a bitch, m'kay? A partner (gender doesn't matter) who secretly set pictures of their (once) beloved one on the internet/show them to friends and relatives is fucked-up in the head and astonishing cruel. I think I know enough about OP's girlfriend to say she's a bitch and he should dump her, or atleast be very very very mad and have a serious conversation with her.

Arulo is an annoying fat turd

BrittanyPernell6 0


I feel rather sad to have to say this: According to this site, it's actually typical of some females to think it's great to "triumph" ( and how sad is it, that relationships to people like you is a war where one wins and one looses) over men, no matter how much of an mean asshole they are doing it. But the only thing that matters is that the men are not the one in power, isn't it? People like you disgust me.