By rattness - 07/12/2010 19:12 - United States

Today, I found out the animal that was gnawing behind the kitchen wall all night was indeed a wild rat and his entire family. FML
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it's actually pretty good, and the rat poison, rabies, etc just gives you this awesome buzz! :D

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the Japanese should stop wasting their time with dancing robots and make a rat catching robot.

yea, it must have been wild, I've never seen a tame rat do that...

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why wouldn't u do something about it when u first heard it??

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What do you think OP should have done? Go all Terminator on the wall and blast a few holes through it seeking out the wild rats with some sort of infrared/heat/night vision goggles?

well I would have used my scar with FMJ I'd probably use red dot sight too. use a tactical insertion where they can reach just in case one of em gets me. I know exactly what you're thinking. why not just throw a grenade or use the rocket launcher and get it over-with? no. I want to look each of them in the eye before I put a bullet through em. and the last one I'll knife. just for fun.

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58- oh so ur gonna go Rambo on them? nice.

more like ramamamiaabo. but yeah. someones gotta do it. who am kidding...I like to kill.

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that and I got alotta time these days. well did it work?

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Mine live in the roof :( I hear it at night :(

They're yours? but live on the roof? Ohh noe's, how will they get down :(

I don't know! There is a whole family of them now :(

I'm sorry, did you say the animal gnawing at your crotch all night was really a wild Courtney Love and her whole family of pubic crabs?

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1) buy rat poison 2) strategically place rat poison on floor 3) wait overnight 4) ????? 5) profit!

Splash poison all over the floor, what could possibly go wrong?

Big deal. Most people have rodents in their house.

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What? Where on earth are you getting your information?

no it's true a lot of people get mice here and there

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Really? wow, I'm glad I have cats.(: My in-laws stay in the habit of keeping cereal and bread in the refrigerator because they grow up in New York. (Big rat problem there!)