By GroosedOut - 20/08/2009 12:32 - United States

Today, I saw my wife pick her nose and suck on her fingers. We're 38. FML
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And that's the mouth you kiss. Yum.

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The 38 at the end is kind of funny...I dont think it matters if you are 18 or 38, if you are married you are too old for that.


omg your life sucks so bad you should kill yourself

Agreed. FYL! Suicide is the only option.

Better a sucker than a flicker.

90% of people pick their nose! But the eating part's a little... well, really nasty.

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Be more positive, I bet you can make her do some nasty stuff in bed. Think about it. Maybe you can get her to swallow, or have her toss your salad, or do a dirty sanchez

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not an hero

whats a dirty sanches

Age has nothing to do with it.

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The 38 at the end is kind of funny...I dont think it matters if you are 18 or 38, if you are married you are too old for that.

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just suggest that she tries to break the habit because it is unsanitary, if she persists then its a little weird.

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i'm sure he has nasty habits that she wants him to stop too. anyway, i think it's obvious that no one wants that to happen, and she probably didn't think he was watching. so she'll probably continue to do it when he's not watching. anyway, OP, you married her for better or worse, so i guess you'll just have to suck it up (no pun intended) and move on.

And that's the mouth you kiss. Yum.

Here's your juicebox, suck it up. I'm sure that this isn't "FML" worthy but just ask her to stop.

exactly. this one belongs more on MLIA than FML

What other bodily excretions does she eat? This could be VERY good for you.

Or VERY bad... I, personally, wouldn't want to know that my wife is recreating "2 Girls, 1 Cup" while I'm at work.

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lmao so true Intoxicunt hahaha and OP, i'm not gonna be mean and day suck it up cuz i mean u dont deserve to be sucking her mouth when she was eating her boogers, but just tell her nicely u saw her and it was gross... cuz seriously, how many times have u actually tasted something funny after kissing her and u thought it was the after taste of your gum or something *internally gags* just piz dont follow her lead even if she finds it sexy or something. [ewww] thats just really disgusting no matter how old u are.

Good one, Intoxicunt, you've found my limit.

Thank you. Wait, the infamous Plexico has a limit? Guess you learn something new every day.

so you feel ashamed of her enough to tell the whole world about it... talk to her, don't post it on fml. fyl

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Hope your wife doesn't read fml.

ydi for spelling "Grossed" wrong