By fiftyno - 01/10/2012 15:02 - United States - Tacoma

Today, I came home to my wife practising biting her lip in the mirror. Fuck you, Fifty Shades of Grey. FML
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She's doing it for you, buddy. I'd be flattered.

Volcan_fml 22

So your wife thinks she's Kristen Stewart now?


Volcan_fml 22

So your wife thinks she's Kristen Stewart now?

Yes. But she still uses more facial expressions than her.

#1 Totally irrelevant but, who is your profile picture of?

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87, Unless you're using the app, which doesn't have private messaging.

93 that's true. Completely forgot about that.

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What makes you think that Kristen Stewart has anything to do with 50 shades???

Justy101 23

135 - Because Fifty Shades of Grey is basically a **** fan fic based on Twilight.

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that irritates me so much in the books! and the ridiculous amount of times grey runs his hands through his hair. who actually does that?

RealTalk0 7

She's doing it for you, buddy. I'd be flattered.

MagicGiraffe 12

My favorite was the 50 Shades of Grey picture book

What about the funny book "50 shames of earl grey" Haha

Hey, it's better then someone else bitting we lip.

Haha I just read that. My spell check got the best of me once again!

Yes! I bite we lip all the time! -no one ever.

I thought one of you would catch the mistake, but for reference here you go. I hope it helps. The bitter biting locksmith used a bitting to make the key’s bit. I swear, sometimes spelling mistakes just make me want to slam my head against a ship bitt in frustration.

Shafreeka 8

62 - I'm not sure how no one else caught the way he tried to spell biting. Ha. Kudos to you.

mylifesucks_fml 1

It all sounded like someone with an irish accent to me at first considering their english... am i the only one?

You guys all managed to miss the use of "then" instead of "than" too? Things have really gone downhill around here on the Grammar Nazi front.

4 is Scottish, they meant wee lip, as in small

lacespace 8

*darkened expression* tell her to stop it before I bend her over...and push her off a cliff.

Im waiting for her to get pushed off of me...

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Lol, best come back comment EVER... AWESOME...

lacespace 8

Kind words, I thank you both

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Fifty shade's of grey the Twilight for adults. Both badly written. Both fail romance stories.

Well it was a Twilight fanfiction that the publisher tweaked to make a book out of it. I read a few pages, it is as lame and poorly written as Twilight... I don't get that rubbish like that are published when they are very good authors out there who struggle.

No sir, the 50 shades of gray for adults is the Song of Ice and Fire series. It's like putting the Sopranos in Middle Earth while filing a porno without the shitty actors. It's goddam beautiful.

Still a better love story than twi...wait a god damn minute it isn't. They're both terrible.

Fifty Shades of Grey: At last, something Twilight is a better love story than!

#91 If your going to correct me at least spell the name of the book right...

117, that's a bit rich from someone who didn't spell it right in the first place...

How did I spell it wrong? That's the name of the series... If you are referring to "gray", I'm on a phone and the autocorrect changes "grey" to "gray". My apologies. Also I don't know why I'm getting so many thumbs down. The Song of Ice and Fire series is one of the best I've ever read.

I can't take you seriously with a My Little Pony icon.

146- It's called a not needed apostrophe and incorrect capitalization. It would be "Fifty Shades of Grey" not "Fifty shade's of grey".

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your picture goes so good with that comment

fthku 13

50 Shades of Grey for adults is the ASOIAF series? The ****? How can you even think about comparing them?

Believe it or not, 50 shades was actually a fan fiction for twilight at first.

Fifty shades is like twilight, but with spankings lol

#91 The sopranos and middle earth filming a porno... wait what the ****?

#91 The sopranos in middle earth while filming a porno... wait what the ****?

I'll never understand this 50 shades of grey crap. I feel like I'm losing brain cells just mentioning it

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I agree. My fiancee has always done it (she hates the idea of fifty shades of grey and books like it) and it turns me on. I don't know why your getting so many down votes

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I loveeee a little nibble here and there. But I don't bite myself. Is it supposed to be sexy?

I bite my lip all the damned time when I'm chewing. Why the hell would she need to practice? Is lip biting considered difficult?

It is when you wanna do it intentionally. You can't make it hurt on purpose.

You have absolutely no pain tolerance, then. I can draw blood from my own lips and arms with my teeth without a second thought, and no, I'm not a masochist or an emo kid.

I don't think doctors are supposed to chew DocBastard don't u have pamphlets on that

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Siberianhampster: you sir (or madam) are awesome. And I totally agree with you. XD

Yeah, I just did. Thanks a lot liar, now my lip won't stop hurting.

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73-what's wrong with masochist?

Were you trying to get first comment without being obvious? I think you failed both.