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By  Eir_fml  |  1

Heya Gee. I'm in the same situation as you. Just commenting on it to show you that you're not alone. If you didn't want your first kiss to be especially special, (and I were near you) I'd trade firsts. :p (btw I'm a guy. Just [sort of] a gesture of good will from a fellow person)

By  themofro  |  0

Well other people have said it before, but you're not alone. I'm in a very similar situation.

I am 19, never been kissed, never had a girlfriend and never been on a date. To make matters worse, I've been madly in love with my best friend for over 4 years now. I finally worked up the courage to tell her so before we went off to college, and she said she loves me too and wants to be in very close contact with me for the rest of her life (as in at least live next door to each other, or share a house if we're both still single), however that she doesn't think of me as anything more then a friend and probably never will. To make matters even worse, despite finally dumping her first serious boyfriend a while ago (who she should have sued for abuse imho, and the opinion of most people who knew the situation) she has since gotten together with another guy who is almost/just as bad. To make matters even more worse, she told me recently that she's put herself on the pill in preparation for having sex for the first time (although not that's she's necessarily planning to do so, thankfully). Finally, she's also currently spending her spring break with her boyfriend hundreds of miles away from anyone else she knows.

Anyways, just posting this like the others did to let you know that many other people are in similar situations are that you are not alone.

  Bodzy81  |  4

Dude!! You know what's going on... She is getting from you what her horrible abusive boyfriends don't have or won't give her. I am assuming, that you are caring kind and make her laugh. So in essence you are enabling her to use your kind nature so that she can still feel those important things while she is with guys that treat her like sh*t. You need to let her know that you will not be her security blanket any more you need to do what's right for you. Be a man tell her it's all or nothing!!