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Today, I saw my girlfriend at the store and joyfully greeted her. She got really mad at me - it was her identical twin sister, who I still cannot tell apart from my girlfriend. We've been dating for three years. FML
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Tell her that you're your identical twin and get mad at her for mistaking who you are.


SecretMe00 5

There has to be some physical trait that sets her apart... Like her posture? Hair style? Ad after 3 years you should know.

What? I didn't KNOW that I slept with your sister, really! ;)

..... what's that smell? Oh I know! Smells like threesome!

Get a sharpie, and put a mark on your girlfriend. Problem solved.

morganime 2

if they are the identical twins that try to look like carbon copys of each other then the bitch needs to calm down and get her own style if not your a douche just buzz her sisters head problem solved

124- Or you guys can get a small tattoo together, to "show your love" for each other. Nothing too big or names but something cute and meaningful. But really..... It's to tell them apart! Lol

130- AUSTIN POWERS!!!!! Yes. I aplaud thee.

Actually, I have twin cousins and I still can't tell me apart

Sharpie washes off of skin. Well, not really. The skin comes off.

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Torva_fml 16

No, they're really not. Even "identical" twins are [slightly] different. Maybe it's hairstyle, a birthmark, clothing choice, voice... Etc.

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It can sometimes be difficult to tell twins apart, even fraternal twins. I know because my mom has a fraternal twin. They aren't even identical twins but their body type, voice, hair, etc.. Is so similar it's scary. My dad has smacked my aunts ass before thinking it was my mom and they can have conversations with each others husbands and they wouldn't even know they're not talking to their wives.

No they aren't. I have a classmate who has a twin brother and are identical. But the other twin has a higher pitched voice and wears different clothing. Because of that, I know which is which.

Kill Me Please!!! 9

Haven't you heard of "fraternal twins"? Do you need to get another lesson about the reproductive system and how twins work?

#1, they could dress the same as that is what some identical twins do.. But I doubt it.

Torva_fml 16

You should probably try harder....

lolololer 8

at least he just greeted her.... imagine if OP just planted a big kiss on her...

hellbilly205 17

Im not an expert or anything, but i thought he meant kissed her when OP said "greeted her joyfully"

What if it was actually Op's gf and she was claiming to be the sister, just for trolling purposes.

bizarre_ftw 21

Then op would need to borrow your spray

That's not much of an excuse when you have known her for three years

Actually, if they have similar clothes and hairstyles, that's a good enough excuse. And if they hate getting confused for each other so much, they should make an effort to look different.

I'm a twin, I do make an effort, and I'm still confused with her. It's not that simple, especially since we have a similar clothing taste.

Torva_fml 16

Why do people always put spaces between periods? So annoying.

@24 If there weren't spaces between periods, we'd never procreate. Tampax would rejoice, however. (I do agree with you, it looks ridiculous. But I couldn't resist the pun.)

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bizarre_ftw 21

43 - not only would we not procreate, the remaining males would hang themselves to escape the never ending PMS hell (I applaud the pun as well)

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Hey wooow wooow buddy. What do you mean you people?

Tell her that you're your identical twin and get mad at her for mistaking who you are.

I think after three years that would have been brought up already.

mangoboy1 19

That comment is a an example of when grammar is important.

paolayupp 6

Just buy your girlfriend something that will tell her apart from her twin and insist she always wear it!

Morgannnnuhhh 1

Or a unicorn... that way, you'll be able to tell her apart from everyone!!! :D

Well, most twins you learn to tell apart, my cousins are twins and I can tell the subtle differences.

I'm a twin and I have cousins who are twins. Funnily enough, I can't tell them apart, but I only see them every few years.