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Today, I have to follow through with the bet I lost over the Super Bowl game. I don't have a problem running a lap nude around my block, but the cops in the police station right across from my house probably will. FML
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Why would you make such a dare? that's crazy! Oh well. its gonna be a full moon tonight.

Don't make bets you're not prepared to carry out. Especially not on the Patriots.


Why would you make such a dare? that's crazy! Oh well. its gonna be a full moon tonight.

Jakesterk96 8

I'm sure your friends won't mind distracting them while someone else video tapes it and posts it on YouTube.

He should've seen it coming, since he bet on the Patriots.

That's what you get for betting on a team that had no chance

Children.... tisk...tisk.... Drinking is more fun with bets involved... Wait til you're 19/21

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if you were aware of the circumstances and what you would have to follow through for the dare, why would you agree to it in the first place? no.

desireev 17

46- If the Pats didn't have a chance, how did they beat all of the other teams and make it to the SuperBowl? And remember, they only lost by 4 points.. Sounds like a pretty close game.

The moon is at its fullest tonight and tomorrow. Did you get lucky or did you actually know that?? If the latter, why???

63 - Please don't comment things like that before knowing what a bet is. He also could have been drunk and NOT realized.

I actually knew.. because the calander in my bathroom told me so.

Now if only there were someone there to get some good film of the whole thing, too bad you probably don't know anyone from the Patriots staff.

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He is from new England guys give him a break, he's obligated to like that shitty team

71- If the Pats beat all the other teams why didn't they have a perfect record?

TomHarrow, the giants beat them at the Super Bowl -_- Forgot what year though.

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86 - no, that's okay, i'm fully aware of what a bet is. and yes, being drunk is a perfect excuse..

Maybe you should try bodypaint before going round the block..

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71- if they were so good they should've caught the passes thrown to them in the final two minutes when it counts! They can't play under pressure apparently.

desireev 17

206- Considering there were 2 tight-ends and a receiver that were injured during the game, I'd say the Pats played rather well.. Oh, and let's not forget that Tom Bradys shoulder had been bothering him for a couple days before the game. When it comes to the biggest football game across the nation, all of the players need to be in perfect health. And, either way, every human is entitled to error. Injured or not, the Pats are still a fantastic team! And anybody who says different obviously doesn't know a damn thing about the beautiful game of Football. Like I've been saying, they only lost by 4 points.. Doesn't seem like a huge or even a big loss at all.

The Pats are a better team they just couldnt do crap that game

182- Lol really? The Patriots are the best team of the decade? Really? They haven't won a Super Bowl in 7 years. And they aren't even the winningest team of the decade. That would be the Colts, despite their awful record this past season after they lost Peyton Manning. Tom Brady is a whiny quarterback who usually has his ass handed to him by a Manning, and I can't remember the last time I heard something intelligent come out of Gisele's mouth. Suck on THAT.

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235 = loser! Patriots = awesome!

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Oh hell no! Smart friends new about the police station! Goodluck OP. Running from the police is a crime. Just FYI so you don't get in more trouble. ;)

I'm sure that it being his own neighborhood was part of the bet. Either way... I personally would strut into the station naked, scream "**** THE POLICE," and proceed to finish my obligations to the bet.

Oh really, tough guy? You should try it. Have a nice time in jail. I am sure you can find yourself a suitable boyfriend in there, and some lucky guy a suitable girlfriend. ;)

Look on the bright side, if you get arrested you're close to home!

39 ... People don't go to jail for running around the block naked

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Haha that wasn't what 39 was talking about

39- Ha I've gone streaking before in more crowded places. But you're real cute trying to show someone up online, kudos to you. Oh, and if you doubt me, I'll refer you to more than a few friends of mine. You know what friends are, right?

That wasn't what 49 was talking about and yes they do it's called indexing exposure that is against the law he just better hope no kids decide to be out late or look out the windows or anything because that's another broken law

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It's indecent exposure 163.. And 161 one day you'll end up running into kids and have to register as a sex offender.

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137- are you retarded its called indecent exposure and can get arrested for it

167- or maybe I haven't done It since because my parents beat my ass when they found out. Nonetheless, I get bragging right for having had the balls to do it, and it's always fun to joke around with my friends about it.

You sure your parents didn't beat the hell out of you because of showing your fun sized penis that supposedly " runs in the family " ?

Hey, you know what? Prove me wrong. Do it. Right now. Come on, don't be such a boner. Don't forget to skip about the playground nearby, either.

It was at a playground... Friend's birthday party. October of '08

I know and the x and c are right next to each other and seeing how that's the only letter out of place that's obviously what I was saying

That was obviously what I was saying but accidentally pressed the x instead of the c without noticing no need to correct....

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And you forgot that fact when you made the bet?

jillianmathers12 13

The Super Bowl is a time of drinking so OP probably had a few to many drinks to think about that fact when he made the bet!

xStaciexLynnx 15

Lol. I didn't think of that. Yeah, sounds like a good drunken bet.

Why would you even bet on the pats, I knew the giants were going to stomp them

im sure a cop would be naked / in a weird outfit doing the same and you nod to each other and he says "you lost a bet too?"

Don't make bets you're not prepared to carry out. Especially not on the Patriots.

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I hope op's running game is better than theirs was.

I'm not from america so I don't know much about the Super Bowl. But these Patriots must be pretty good if they got to the final??

desireev 17

40- You are absolutely correct! There's a reason the Patriots make it to the SuperBowl way more often than all the other teams. They only lost by 4 points this year.. So it was a close game. Although Eli Manning is a beast,(QB for the NY Giants), the Patriots have it together and they're a good team. Like I said, the Pats only lost by 4 points. Don't let these people make you think that they're a bad team.. Because, like you said, they DID make it to the SuperBowl!

Pittsburgh and Dallas have more appearances in the Super Bowl (8) while New England has (7) with 3 wins and 4 loses.

Thank you 82. And just wait until the Pats lose Brady for any given reason. Look what happened to the Colts just from losing their quarterback. The Patriots aren't that great as a team.

None of u can even shit on them like i can

94, they did lose Brady a few years ago and had QB Matt Cassel, remember? They ended up coasting to the playoffs and lost in the divisional round so your theory doesn't hold true. Making it to the playoffs with a back up QB doesn't seem like a bad team to me...

#115: The Patriots did not make the playoffs that year, actually. They were 11-5, but they didn't make it because the Colts (12-4) and the Ravens (11-5 plus the tiebreaker over the Patriots) were the wildcard seeds. Look it up. Although the reason that they went 11-5 and the Colts went 2-14 without Manning is because Peyton Manning is a brilliant quarterback and Tom Brady's not that good. You could put any quarterback in that system and the Patriots would still be fine. And OP: YDI for betting against the Giants. I knew the Giants were going to win because they were much hotter than the Patriots and Eli >>>>>>> Brady.

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desireev 17

121- Do you listen to any sports channels and/or sports critics?! Tom Brady is named one of the best QBs of all time! He's in the top 25! Don't start saying shit like that! Tom Brady has some of the best stats in the books. He IS named one of the top 3 best QBs of this day and age! Tom Brady is an excellent QB and a magnificent football player! They may have lost this SuperBowl, but that does NOT mean that the Patriots are a bad team or that Tom Brady is a bad QB! You need to look a couple things up before you start bashing fantastic football players!

Amen! If you thought the patriots were gonna win you DESERVE to be arrested. :)

I would simply like to say that Brady threw for more yards than Eli and had a better completion ratio. Plus I would like to see Eli rally his team with 57 seconds left and only be one tipped pass away from winning.

desireev 17

Thank you silenthunter! Thank you VERY MUCH!! ;D

Just look at the texans... They made it to the playoffs with a third string quarterback

Brady still has three rings. That's equivalent to the entire Manning family combined. I rest my case.

Jesus Christ 121, I did not get a word you just said, and I have a feeling that I don't want to know what it mean. Thank God i don't live in the US.

148, Brady had a lower completion percentage and less yards than Eli actually. He started off like 10/10, but ended up completing around 65%(which is still high) for 260 yards. Eli was 30/40 for 296 and HE WON. And Brady took the safety and threw a pick on a first down.

So basically, 148 is spewing bullshit cause Eli did actually have a better completion rate and more yards than Brady. And less costly errors

krty402 7

Ravens should have been in the super bowl the only reason the patriots made it is because there were two rookie mistakes on the ravens.

#133: Umad bro? I never said the Patriots were a bad team. Unfortunately, they are very good because they have a good system in place. However, Tom Brady without that team around him would be on the same level as Rex Grossman. He is nowhere near the same level as Peyton Manning. Peyton took one of the worst teams in the NFL and singlehandedly turned them into a powerhouse. So it wasn't a huge surprise that they went back to awfulness without him. Tom Brady isn't a good enough quarterback to do anything close to what Peyton has done for the Colts. He is the most overrated quarterback in the NFL and gets WAY too much credit. Basically, Daniel Tosh sums him up the best: "Your coach is a cheater, your rings are a lie, you backup from Michigan." Oh, and Eli is better than Brady too.

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Haven't you ever made a bet that didn't pan through? Not that OP didn't deserve it for making such a STUPID bet...

I like how this has turned into a conversation about Football

desireev 17

186- Do not call me 'bro'. I am obviously a woman. Don't call me that. And, yes, the Mannings are both very good football players. But you've got your info wrong on Tom Brady. Tom Brady did exactly what Peyton Manning did with the Pats. The Pats are considered to be a 'powerhouse' team. And why would you bring up Peyton Manning? I thought we were discussing Eli and Tom? Oh well..

Mmkay, bro. And by the way, saying Tom Brady is the reason for the Patriots' success is bullshit. If he's such a good quarterback, why did they still go 11-5 without him? Seriously, the Patriots would be just as good with Rex ******' Grossman. It doesn't matter who their quarterback is. They're good because of their system. And I'm just saying, by comparison, Peyton Manning is much better than Tom Brady. Unlike Brady, Peyton actually deserves all the credit he gets. And so does Eli. The difference between the Mannings and Brady, I guess, is that the Mannings run their respective teams and Tom Brady couldn't do shit without his.

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they'll be to busy eatting dougnuts to notice.

And you'll be too busy learning to spell from a third-grader

aisthecoolest 8

Mmmmmm.. Doughnuts........ I wish I could have some but the pigs are eating them all!!!

flockz 19

sorry, but i wouldn't ever let anyone near doug's nuts. his warts might flare up. trust me you don't want that.

aisthecoolest 8

Where did u get Doug's nuts from doughnuts lol

joee182 3

What a fucken idiot,at least do it at night were you have a smaller chance of getting caught

Before you call someone a "fucken" idiot. Learn how to spell

He never specified night or day. If your referring to "today", that's how all FML's start

joee182 3

dood like i a giv **** bout my spelling its da interweb not engrish crass haha

dixiefoxx 22

You sir, seem like a douche.

That's what happens when you cheer for the Patriots

cassiebear7652 7

Exactly! Did he actually think they were gonna win?