By Emily - 07/02/2012 20:39 - United States

Today, I had to explain to this really intimidating girl that I wasn't giving her a dirty look, and that it was just my face at rest. FML
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By toolateabuckshort - 02/06/2017 12:11

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Don't worry, my mom always says I look pissed of.... Then I start getting angry because ahe won't ever stop asking why I'm mad..... I guess she's right.

OP is a girl...


Aw, its okay. You will find a girl one day :)

OP is a girl...

OP is a girl. I mean she could be into chicks, but that has no relevance to the FML.

Yea, op is a girl.... Are you guys all opposed to girl on girl action? If so, please leave. (s)he also posted below correcting himself/herself

I think we have established OP being a girl. I think the real question here is, is OP into girls?

Do you look like Taylor Lautner?

They were just trying to be nice they didn't know op was a girl. Stop bitching them out. Damn...

KendalKeller 3

your rather upset about something today arn't you?

The lack of relevance is astounnding. I'm more curious as to what led to this misguided conclusion.

The FML isn't about the OP "trying to get a girl." Nobody here is "opposed to girl on girl action", we are just stating that #1's comment has no relevance to what the OP is saying.

What is OP?!

Ominous Pachyderm

Obtuse Penis

Optimas Prime

Why are people talking about optimas prime?-_-

Lady, you're being trolled.

orangutan pit (where we throw the stupid of FML)

Orgasmic Platypus

When will people realize that here, in this lil society of FML, you will never get an answer on what OP means? You'll just get an answer like: "Oblivious Pineapple"

Oversized Penis. Haha just kidding, it means 'original poster'

89's lying too. Don't listen to him, for all we know it could mean Overdue Period.

Whenever I dont know a word, I Urban Dictionary it. You should try that...

Orgasm Platypus

Oreo pancakes

what the fuck are u talkin about?

Everyone here is kind of a douche.. Who argues on fml?

Occidental Parabola

And sometimes, in rare circumstances, Obtuse Possum

110 - everyone! Where have you been? *looks at profile* lol XD 5th comment! You have much to learn sir

#1, you shouldn't worry either(: you might find a brain someday(:

Ive been reading fmls for a long time... And change your profile picture you look like a cow

Well that was a random comment!

OP is in fact Optimus Prime -.- My work here is done Autobots, Roll out!!

Oompaloompa Penis.

Ooooo nice try 112, it's opossum!

This is fifth time I see discussion on op..and I join this site just 3months back..I remember the first time when I saw this discussion..Then the question was asked by piccalo!!!

@72 Dont worry about all these comments.U will get used to it...Then u will start getting fun from it..and then u will give fun to it..And in last stage u will get ADDICTED...

Op= on period !

Orange Pickles...? :D

Wow I love getting one hundred different answers thanks for all the help

Oh wait I found the answer. It was the only buried comment, thats a bit ridiculous considering old penis is still there


Ibv123- no one really gives a damn whether you know what OP means or not. ... Jus' sayin'

143- Nice try. The possum and the opossum are two different animals.

156 thats why they all answered right? I was just informing people there is no need to post anything else I have an answer. so next time you try getting on my case, dont.

Ibv123 - you're an idiot. Get your shit together. Those answers weren't for you. Everyone was just playing off of your stupidity. So lay off of 156.

KendalKeller 3

Interesting tale my fine companion

Also known as "cool story, bro"

KendalKeller 3


God that is sooooo over used and toolish.

KendalKeller 3

Hey! U hurt my feelers!

If I had a dollar for Everytime I heard some dumb ass trying to be cool/cute and saying "cool story bro" I'd be fucking loaded.

KendalKeller 3

that was rather uncalled for...

KendalKeller 3

it was cute though wasn't it? ;D

You're uncalled for. Fuck you.

Don't worry, my mom always says I look pissed of.... Then I start getting angry because ahe won't ever stop asking why I'm mad..... I guess she's right.

Some people just naturally look pissed off.

She* And yea, I guess that's me :( Oh... I mean >:|

Same with me only with people I go to school with

people always ask me what's wrong apparently I have a naturally melancholy expression

Lots of people suffer from Chronic Bitch Face ; you're not alone

98-I know how you feel, I have one of those faces too, apparently. I get asked "What's wrong?" along with being told to smile all the time and it's very annoying.

Oh, you too?

Hate it when that happens

So in your pic, are you smiling or is that just how your face is?

Pretty sure it's neither.

Ask you?! You're telling me to ask you in your profile?!?! Fine.... Will you..... Stop making that face. :O

Asking to be trolled by creeps?

just noticed I said girl. I meant guy!

still not revelant to the OP's original story..

Haha, keyboard warrior. Why are people so in love with you doc? You must be amazing in the sack!

It's kinda rude that she just assumed you were giving her a dirty look... But like I've said before everyone is beautiful.(: don't let some rude ass bitch bring down your self confidence.

i agree that it is rude to assume someone is giving you a dirty look. but where in the FML does it say that? the girl could have asked OP later on during the day if she was giving her a dirty look/why. i would have done the same thing as well.

51 - it was uncalled for her to tell him to go and fuck himself because of his comment, but that would have been the same for anybody else, not just because he's DocBastard.


Shut the fuck up.

#31, What's your keyboard worrier level?

Morgan - I'm not exactly sure what your malfunction is, but your reaction was completely uncalled for. Unless you were talking to yourself.

How nice of you to be interested in the games I play.(:

# 41. Fuck you.

#47, you're working on your keyboard worrier levels again aren't you? By the way, you must be new around here? NO ONE says fuck you to DocBastard.

I just fucking did. And you know what?? I'll do it again. This goes out to you docbastard. FUCK YOU.

Maximum keyboard worrier level attained. Congratulations, you are now an asshole.

Woah, woah, where all having a good time here, no need for any aggression.

Unless your intimidated by really nice people, I wouldn't sweat it. The intimidating people usually turn out to be jerks anyway.

my face at rest gives off the same impression. the corners of my lips naturally turn down