By 909 - United Kingdom
Today, I went to Lidl to buy the cheapest jaffa cakes I could. They cost 35p. When I was eating them later on I put the plastic wrapper onto the side. When I'd finished eating my jaffa cakes I went to pick up the wrapper... The dog had eaten it. Cost me a £150 vet bill. Most expensive jaffas I've ever had. FML
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By  RubixMonkey  |  0

Your dog has good taste but I think you need to make sure you put them in a better place. YDI for not watching your dog and your food. He is not a human, he doesn't know Jaffa Cakes can kill him.

  Danny_Boii  |  0

wtfs going on with FML? 4 out of 4 posts today where stupid, didnt make sence and where a waste of time.. Seems to me that this site might not be as good as it once was before

  Sonfang  |  19

I'm from America Texas infact, I completely understood the currency and am smart enough to READ the comments before absently mindedly posting "what's a Jaffa cake?"
Not all Americans are idiots, and not all the "smart people" live on the east and west coasts, that's just and idiotic thing to say. I go to college in Texas and am not only multilingual but am well studied in a few other cultures. But unlike most Americans I put myself in the position to learn these things by meeting people from different countries. So to all you idiot Americans please stop showing your stupidity on the Internet!!! (you make the rest of us look bad.)

OP I'm sorry about your dog, hope he has learned his lesson; Not everything is food.

  anniebananie  |  3

#62 - I'll assume you're replying to me ("Generally, the states on our east and west coasts are densely populated and have higher median incomes and greater amounts of college graduates.")

What part of GENERALLY don't you understand? Statistics prove it; I didn't just pull that out of my ass. That said, there are obviously exceptions to EVERY rule, this included.


Dogs can consume SOME chocolate without it being detrimental. The problem exists when they eat DARK chocolate. If jaffa cakes were made with dark chocolate, then you took the correct choice of action. If it was just milk chocolate and not that much, then the dog probably would have got the squirts and you would have had to clean that up.

  djqlue  |  0

lol why do people insist on bringing their pets to vets? If it's too stupid to not know what to eat, it's too stupid to be saved. Besides, animals can tough it out.

  jakedmagic  |  0

Hey #62-Guess what? I too am a smart American who understands all of those things. Including this thing called Google! Look at this: Can you believe it? Its that simple to figure it out!

  bmoney2011  |  0

We're not stupid Americans for not knowing what a Jaffa is. You're stupid if you don't know what currency p is. Pounds. It's quite obvious. But anyways, I'd like for you to not make such a general statement that "all Americans who don't know what Jaffa is are idiots" that's just ignorant. If I'm like "today, I went to kaufland and bought some 3 euro kartoffeln" you most likely don't know that kaufland is german walmart and kartoffeln means potatos. Eff youuu. Not everyone knows about British biscuit cakes. Mmmmmkay? Seriously.

  batwomen_fml  |  7

Your a horrible person. How about this, if your stupid enough to ever need the police, fire department, the hospital or any doctor, then you deserve to die. Okay? Didn't think so.

  andiboo  |  12

#131. You're a bad man... >:/ animals have the mentality of children. So I guess you don't want to take a child to the hospital when they accidentally eat something that they're not supposed to? No. That's not how it works. Just because they don't understand doesn't mean they're not worth saving. I hope one day you eat a big fat poo instead of a chocolate and have to get your own stomach pumped. >:|

By  rookitty  |  0

reminds me of the time i went to get ice cream, and locked my keys in the car at the ice cream shop... had to call a locksmith to get them out... and so i had $58 ice cream :p

  leero  |  0

"35p" "jaffa cakes" "Lidl" and "£150" are foreign terms to americans.

OP, that totally sucks. my dog would've done the same thing.

  KingsofOmega  |  0

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  Kervik  |  0

Never heard of Netto before-I still thought ASDA was the cheapest of the supermarkets (for Americans ASDA is the British branch of Wal-Mart).

P. is short for pence, which is a bit like the cent: small change in the back of your pocket. '£', is the pound, which is like the dollar-that's the money that really matters. I believe that the pound converts into something like 1 dollar 50 cents, but I cannot be sure.

As for the jaffa cake-it's like a small circular cake thing with chocolate coating, however, I have never been fond enough of the jaffa cake to work out what is actually inside one. Google images, FTW, maybe?

  Kervik  |  0

I had never heard of Kwik Save. Just wiki'd it. Wikipedia says it died in the UK in 2007. It then changed to something called FreshXpress, which once again I'd never heard of - but that died twice, finally disappearing in early 2009.

  Sonfang  |  19

Not all Americans are ignorant or idiots. Thank you, as for the recession if the countries of the world would realize that the people dint have ro be "ruled" by one person or a congress or what have you. Then maybe they could stop fighting over how torule or destory one another and face up to the fact WE ALL LIVE HERE! One country cannot live with out the resources of another so why kill or pilage the other? Truly ther is no gain to this. We all live here, we all die here, and we all need each other. Why fight? The wars and leaders are what's causing "the recession" not just America!

  Underwhelmed  |  0

I know. I was being sarcastic. But seriously, it really annoys me when people act like there are only ignorant people in America. I know full well there are a lot of idiots in this country...A LOT of idiots...but that is true for everywhere. It's not a plight of America, it's a plight of humanity. America just happens to be larger than most, thus allowing for more idiots.

  arienh4  |  0

"Oh stop hating on Americans. You all know you'd rather live here."
That's pretty ignorant. I can't imagine anyone but people who are in a really crappy economic position wanting to live in America.

  songsparrow  |  0

Just because I don't know anything about the British version of Walmart or what various snack foods are consumed in England does not make me ignorant. There is nothing wrong with asking a question that the majority of Americans do not know the answer to. Asking a question is better than not caring at all or looking stupid when you attempt to guess at what something means and fail. Anyways. I'm sure that there is one person living in England who has no clue what a Jaffa is. Sorry for not being all-knowing? And what did we do to cause a recession for your country? Are you that economically dependent on the United States? By the way, your "I'm better than you because I'm British" attitude is repulsive.

  Feklfekl2222  |  32

song sparrow- if I asked what a pop tart or a "twinkie" is on this website everyone would complain but if an American is ignorant about a very common food it is fine. rrriiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhtttttt!!!!

  crackz12  |  10

How can you say Britain is the least foreign country in the world? Thats only true if you live in Britain. And dont get so uptight that all Americans dont know about your little jaffa cakes its not a big deal you sound dumb for thinking it is.

  djskidd  |  9

They are. You can find them in America, go to a foreign foods store or even a fairly large supermarket (Ultra Foods is good) and find the foreign foods section. All kinds of good stuff there, from jaffas to Mexican candies. Yum.

  jubileeofjoy  |  2

Okayyy so not knowing about a random British market doesn't make Americans self centered.
And the currency difference. Even though I knew Britain used £ I don't know how it relates to dollars, which makes it confusing.
So remove whatever stick is up your bum and calm down, or shall I quiz you on Southern Californian grocery stores and what the sell?

  spazz666  |  18

Go to an image of a map of the world on google and stop being an ignorant dick, you fuckhead.

Seriously. Go crawl in a hole and stop giving Americans a bad name. People like you are repulsive.

By  oliviahere  |  0

Jaffa cakes are these mini, flat circle cakes with orange jelly on top and then covered in chocolate. They are super yummy. One of those things that everyone loves.