By Mimo - 23/06/2016 10:18 - Egypt

Today, my best friend told me she's been in love with me for over 4 years. I'm getting married to the man of my dreams in a month and she's supposed to be my bridesmaid. "Awkward" doesn't even begin to describe our friendship right now. FML
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Wow she just picked the perfect freaking time to tell you that... Sorry you have to go through this right before your wedding, OP.

Hope you wedding goes well besides all the drama :)


Wow she just picked the perfect freaking time to tell you that... Sorry you have to go through this right before your wedding, OP.

hellobobismyname 24

Yeah.. What was she even hoping to accomplish by telling you that? It's so selfish!

At least she didn't say it when they ask why the couple shouldn't be wed. Not yet anyway...

I don't know.. I mean on tv and in songs this is one of the most romantic plot lines. Think of Friends when Rachael tries to tell Ross she likes him before he weds Emily, or Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now,' I reckon the friend just wanted to let her friend know before she got married, it is quite possibe she wasn't expecting anything to happen. But it is a horrible situation for OP to be in.

Justy101 23

Except Rachael realises how selfish it would be of her and ends up not telling Ross, deciding that his happiness is what matters most. It's sad that such a self-serving and careless act has been so romanticised. If they truly loved them, they wouldn't put them in such an awkward situation while also risking their friendship.

Kalo467 2

how the hell is that selfish. it's called getting something off your chest so you won't live the rest of your life regretting never telling her

I guess I wouldn't mind if they said 'I'm not expecting anything to happen but I want to let you know, for the sake of honesty, that I really valued you and have been in love with you a long time. I know you have a fiancee and nothing will ever happen, but you are my best friend and I want to be honest about it. I am really happy for you though.'

Lizza330 28

That's incredibly selfish of her to do that to you. Maybe have a talk with her and try to move past it. Because ignoring it will just make it more awkward when you're trying to get married and she's right there.

Hope you wedding goes well besides all the drama :)

She's expressing her feelings, don't shut her out, she is your friend after all, just let her know Nicely that being friends is ok just nothing more

ChiefKoala 30

2 4 6 8 don't assume they are straight! Seriously. And congrats on the marriage OP, and i hope your bridesmaid doesn't cause any drama during the actual wedding. EDIT: this went to the wrong commentor, it was supposed to go to the one below who said something about "OP is straight, friend obviously gay. Awkward indeed."

Why wouldn't they assume the OP is straight? She's a woman getting married to a man. Seems pretty obvious to me

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There's actually no saying in who's what.

Or OP could be a gay man, and friend could be straight

Well, if you look closely, the OP has a female indicator and they post said, "she". I'm no genius, but I think the friend is gay or bisexual. Also, I thought only females have bridesmaids?

Actually she said bridesmaid and that she's marrying a man. Logic dictates OP is female. Just saying.

ApparentlyNotEno 28

This is in Egypt. There are NO gay weddings in Egypt. (They have a horrid and systemic record of LGBT humanitarian abuses there.)

You're already getting married, isn't that a big enough hint? Plus, you're getting married to a guy. Unless you're bi, then I can see why she took a chance.

hopefully she respects your decision and if you tell your bride or not , the bridesmaid doesn't bother you again in that sense , i feel bad for all three of you, sticky situation

ABlindMan 17

Maybe you're not a good comprehensive reader. OP's best friend is either bi or lesbian. OP is currently marrying a male, so they are either a gay/bi male with a bi/lesbian best friend.

ABlindMan 17

I wrote this completely wrong as well and ran out of time to edit it >_<. Op is either a gay/bi male or a straight/bi female with a bi/lesbian best friend.

#8 doesn't seem to realize that op and her friend are both women.

ABlindMan 17

Loving all the down votes I'm getting. If someone knows how to delete posts on mobile, you're more than welcome to inform me, otherwise just **** off honestly. My corrected statement isn't wrong, so if you really have a problem with me running out of time to edit a comment you can, in the words of Duke Nukem, "Eat shit and die", like hot damn you're all fickle.

atomicxsarah 17

That sucks. My best friend since second grade told me she was in love with me when we were seniors in highschool. It was never the same after that. And we are no longer friends. I feel sorry for you and I kinda feel bad for your friend who has to watch you marry someone else.

Man that has to suck. Ive had that happen to me multiple times with either me being the one that expressed my feelings or her and its ruined so many good friendships. Now i never really tell a girl that i like her anymore.

Tiamod 5

I don't see how the friend was being selfish. At least she didn't wait until the actual wedding day. Now then, that would have been selfish. People are always told that if they love someone, to tell them before it's too late. And that's all she did.

Lizza330 28

I think that waiting until OP was getting married to the love of their life is the definition of to late.

Her friend could have said something years ago. She was selfish.

Tiamod 5

Assuming her friend had feelings for her years ago.

She confessed she's been in love for over 4 years. That's "years ago".

hellobobismyname 24

I think telling a friend, or anyone for that matter, who is happily in a relationship, is 100% selfish. What do you hope to gain? You risk complicating a happy relationship, you make your own friendship awkward, and then what? Most likely, they aren't going to leave someone they already love for you.. It just seems like a bad time for everybody involved. It's best to just try to move on. Of course there are exceptions to this, and it's easier said than done, but this is just my opinion.

I agree with #11; OP's friend just conveyed her feelings. I don't know how that's selfish. Maybe she got a little overwhelmed and had to convey her feelings!

Conveying their feelings and asking OP to leave their S.O would've been selfish! But we don't know what exactly happened. Maybe she just wanted OP to know about her feelings. That's all. Sometimes when you love someone, you let them be. Conveying your feelings is not selfish at all! If you expect something out of it, then yes, it's selfish. Why do people have to jump to conclusions?! Smh